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Saudis’ countdown President Trump’s historic visit – Politics & Economics

Officials in Saudi Arabia have organised a packed schedule for US President Donald Trump’s visit to the kingdom this weekend.

In his first official foreign trip, Trump will attend three key summits on May 20-21 in Riyadh, which will be attended by 55 leaders along with representatives from across the Islamic world, according to the official website riyadhsummit2017.org, which also includes a clock counting down to when the US President arrives.

The events include the Saudi-US Summit, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)-US Summit, and the Arab-Islamic-American Summit. Trump will also attend a counter-terrorism event and Tweeps 2017 social media summit.

On the first day, Trump will visit the King Abdulaziz Historical Centre, a cultural landmark showcasing the history of the Arabian Peninsula and its historical role in the spread of Islam.

The Saudi-US Summit, which takes place on May 20, will include a series of bilateral meetings between Saudi King Salman and Trump.

The GCC-US Summit, taking place on May 21, will have GCC leaders meeting with Trump to discuss issues of regional security and stability, while the Arab Islamic American Summit will see Trump meet with leaders of the world’s Islamic nations.

At the Tweeps 2017 event, the US president will meet King Abdallah of Jordan, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, among others.

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