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T-Mobile To Unleash Exclusive Smartphone With High-End Specs, Lifetime Warranty, And Insurance At Affordable Price? : TECH : Tech Times

T-Mobile is apparently planning to launch a high-end smartphone exclusively and offer it at a much more affordable price than a regular flagship.

The self-proclaimed Uncarrier has been trying to revolutionize the mobile scene for a good while now and has constantly come up with aggressive offers to blow the competition out of the water.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has made it his mission to revolutionize the industry and change the game and has made notable efforts in this regard. T-Mobile was the first one to ditch carrier subsidies on new devices, as well as the lengthy two-year contracts that went with them.

T-Mobile was also the first one to start offering zero-rating with popular streaming features such as Binge On and Music Freedom, which proved to be a hit. The Uncarrier was also behind the recent move to offer customers unlimited high-speed data plans. The recent T-Mobile One unlimited plan even includes taxes and fees into the plan price for subscribers who choose autopay.

It now looks like T-Mobile is planning even more disruption and its upcoming offer may just be its best one yet.

Exclusive T-Mobile Flagship Smartphone Launching This Tear?

Android Authority claims to have seen some intriguing T-Mobile marketing material heralding even more exciting offers. According to the report, the Uncarrier plans to unleash a new high-end smartphone made exclusively for T-Mobile, and sell it at a far more affordable price point than other flagships.

Top-notch smartphones usually go for roughly $650-$800, but T-Mobile will reportedly offer its flagship at a much lower price. If that’s not exciting enough, the Uncarrier reportedly has other perks in the cards to sweeten the deal even further.

T-Mobile Smartphone With Lifetime Warranty And Insurance

T-Mobile’s purported flagship smartphone will reportedly come with a lifetime warranty, as well as free insurance. This means that if the smartphone suffers any damage, T-Mobile will just replace it since insurance is on the house.

“We’re not able to reveal everything about this plan but it’s likely to be commitment free with lifetime warranty and insurance included,” notes Android Authority. “So if you’ve broken your phone, want a new one or have had enough and just want to return it, T-Mobile’s plan will have you covered.”

The publication doesn’t know for sure just when T-Mobile plans to launch its new plan and device(s), but notes that the marketing material hints at a release sometime in the third quarter of this year.

The third quarter covers the months from July through September, which means that T-Mobile could soon make an official announcement.

Should this report turn out to be accurate, this would be a boon not only for T-Mobile, but for consumers as well. Having a high-end flagship at an affordable price point with lifetime warranty and insurance would likely be an irresistible proposal for many and it could turn into an instant hit.

If it does, it could in turn start a new trend of affordable flagships and other carriers could follow through. It’s all still in the rumor state at this point, however, so take things with a grain of salt for now.

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