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Coach: An Imminent Takeover Target?

By Northport Investments:

We were preparing our third article on Coach, Inc. (NYSE:COH) during the week for publication at the beginning of the market-trading week when we noticed a surge in COH’s stock price on August 8, 2014 (Friday) without explanation. Our first response was “Someone knows something.” Later in that trading day news came out that a French luxury-brand company named Kering was potentially about to bid $48 for COH’s shares. The shares rose over 5 percent on the rumors. Both companies refused to comment on the rumors.

We do not know whether the rumors will come true, but we do know that such rumors are a strong indication that the market is not fully realizing the value of COH’s shares despite the company’s well-known recent struggles. Since the beginning of 2014, COH’s share price is down over 30 percent and had been repeatedly hitting 52-week lows since early May 2014. While

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