Friday / August 16.
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Archaeologists unearth 800 Years old Cell Phone

A bizarre find was supposedly unearthed by a group of archaeologists in Austria that resembled a 90’s mobile phone—and it is 800 years old. The photo of the said phone has been making its rounds in the internet in the previous days and has sent many conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts into overdrive.

Many conspiracy theorists claim that the said phone was left by aliens hundreds of years ago. While many ‘creative’ ideas that surrounded the internet is that it was left by a ‘time-traveller’. Since there is no verification of the said story and no other pictures to back up this claim, more people are believing it is an ‘elaborate hoax’.

 Aside from the phone resembling a 90’s phone, one of the most prominent features are those of the ‘keys’ on the object which bear a resemblance to ‘cuneiform’, an early system of writing used by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) around 3000 BCE (Before the Common Era).