Friday / May 17.
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French Extremists Find Platform in Terrorist Propaganda

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… over the last six months alone … French or French speaking extremists have been highly visible propaganda for terrorist groups … especially the Islamic State … French officials recently said more than one thousand French nationals have trouble conflict zones in Syria and Iraq … or maybe claiming to … be a recent mass execution video … featured this French citizen … whose name Maxine or chart … according to the French government … this video he participates in the beheadings of Syrian prisoners of war … this video from October twenty fourteen … features the French speaker challenging America and European nations … including France to send ground troops to the territory ISIS control … of a local state team did read each … window continued on with Apple … one often repeated call for jihad this … is doing a key tool attacks inside … the Prince became ice fighters … to hold their fellow citizens to take the fight to the home … miss sitting upon the lead … missing the moment has … been seen in the men’s TPP … yet as of yet get what you … yet this evening attack … this French speaking the hottest takes France to task for participating in airstrikes against ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria … momentum in … the community … the bull and yet I’m a good other than some … other videos feature French speakers beckoning French nationals come to the ISIS Capital broker to either help with the cause or to join the fight … lol lol but the morning … Nepal often Mikhail … Volkl was in it … the new … this apparent French fighter with the name of upon us of her aunts … was celebrated by the ISIS media wing … for conducting a suicide attack against a Shiite militia in Iraq jihad is recently memorialized this French or redeeming … for attacking officers and police station in France on December twentieth twenty fourteen he commended him for apparently shouting a lot to our car which means God is great all

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