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#GivingTuesday: T-Mobile Tuesdays Giveaway Becomes More Generous Next Week

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is called Giving Tuesday, and T-Mobile is feeling generous, so T-Mobile Tuesday is turning into #GivingTuesday next week.

The weekly giveaways called T-Mobile Tuesdays have proved widely popular so far, and next week, T-Mobile is taking things to the next level. For #GivingTuesday, the Uncarrier plans to use its weekly giveaway for charity. As part of the promotion, T-Mobile will donate up to $500,000 to Boys & Girls Clubs across the United States. Moreover, the Uncarrier promises to match even text-to-donate contributions from non-customers.

How It Works

On #GivingTuesday, T-Mobile customers will get the chance to win prizes of $50, $250 or $5,000, which T-Mobile will donate to the customer’s local Boys & Girls Clubs on their behalf.

T-Mobile also wants to match all donations, so on #GivingTuesday, anyone can send a text to 20222 with the word TUESDAY and make a $5 donation to Boys & Girls Clubs, and the Uncarrier will match it regardless of whether it came from customers or non-customers. T-Mobile will match donations of up to $80 per person.

“T-Mobile Tuesdays is all about giving to our customers, and now, we’re giving more to local communities through the Boys & Girls Clubs with up to half-a-million dollars in donations.”

Freebies For T-Mobile Customers

While donating to charity is always noble and noteworthy, T-Mobile Tuesdays aim to treat T-Mobile customers for sticking with the carrier. For this reason, T-Mobile will make its donations on #GivingTuesday as a bonus to its offers, not to replace what it plans to give its customers.

More specifically, T-Mobile is not hijacking T-Mobile Tuesdays altogether only to donate to charity and leave its customers with nothing. The Uncarrier still wants to thank its clients, albeit it will offer less than usual so that it can donate more to charity. Next week, during #GivingTuesday, T-Mobile will treat its customers to a free Wendy’s small Frosty and a FandangoNow movie rental.

For its weekly giveaways, T-Mobile has teamed up with a number of brands such as Lyft, Fandango, Subway, Wendy’s, StubHub, Buffalo Wild Wings, Universal Pictures, VUDU and more, and it’s constantly adding new freebies and partners.

T-Mobile Tuesdays has proved to be the most successful promotion T-Mobile has ever run, with more than 20 million free gifts redeemed since the weekly giveaway first started in June.

To learn more about #GivingTuesday and other T-Mobile Tuesdays giveaway, head over to the carrier’s website.

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