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Pair have sentences cut over stealing money from man's underwear

DUBAI // Two Pakistanis sentenced to two years in jail each for assaulting a 62-year-old Indian man with an iron bar and stealing Dh200,000 he had hidden in his underwear had their terms cut in half by Dubai Court of Appeal.

On June 12 the men, aged 26 and 25, saw the victim hide an envelope full of money in his underwear as he left a bank in Naif.

After following him and picking up an iron bar from the street, they attacked the man at the entrance to a building. One of the men hit him with the iron bar while the other snatched the envelope before both ran off.

One of the men dropped his phone after a passer-by heard the victim’s screams and came to help.

“I was handed a cheque by the owner of the shop where I work and [was] asked to cash it. As I arrived at the owner’s building to hand him the money, I was attacked by two men,” said the victim who works as a salesman. He called police after being robbed.

Officers arrested both men the same day and both confessed their crime to police and prosecutors. The stolen cash was also retrieved.

The pair were convicted of forceful theft and will be deported after completing one year in jail each. The reason for the sentence reduction was not given.

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