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'Pokémon Sun' And 'Moon' Event: First Global Mission Challenges Trainers To Catch 100 Million Pokémon In 2 Weeks

Pokémon Sun and Moon players, you now have your first global mission: catch 100 million Pokémon in two weeks.

The Event Schedule

The challenge has already been issued, and you only have until Dec. 13 to accomplish it.

Does catching 100 million Pokémon in just a few weeks’ time sound like an impossible task? Well, don’t you worry, as you’re not alone on this one.

As the name “global mission” suggests, you and all the other Pokémon Sun and Moon trainers across the world will be working together, and each Pokémon you capture will count toward your collective goal.

How To Participate

To take part in the action, you have to register your game in the Pokémon Global Link and create a Game Sync ID first.

Step 1: Connect your Nintendo 3DS to the internet and fire up Pokémon Sun or Moon.

Step 2: Open the X menu and choose Festival Plaza.

Step 3: Once there, go to the castle in the middle of the area.

Step 4: Inside, you should find a PC. Interact with it and choose Game Sync.

Step 5: Click on Yes to connect to the internet and select Create your Game Sync ID.

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Step 6: Your Game Sync ID will appear at the top of the screen if the setup is successful. After that, you’re all set.

Remember, you have to do this by Dec. 13 so that your contributions will count.

The Prize: Festival Coins

When you and all the other trainers complete the challenge, each and every one of you will get 1,000 Festival Coins, which can be used at the Festival Plaza to build facilities or buy items.

At the event that you fail, you’ll get a consolation prize of 100 Festival Coins.

What Is A Global Mission?

Introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon, a global mission is an event that the whole community of trainers can work together to accomplish a goal and win prizes.

“Band together with your fellow Trainers in global missions, a new feature of the Pokémon Global Link. Global missions are limited-time events where everyone tries to meet a collective goal. If the goal is met, everyone who participated gets a global mission reward! Don’t worry if the goal isn’t reached — there will still be a global mission participation prize for everyone who chipped in,” The Pokémon Company says.

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Also, if you have yet to join in the fun, you’ll probably be glad to know that Pokémon Sun and Moon are both available at Amazon, not to mention that the retailer has an exclusive Steelbook Dual Pack in store.

Will you be joining the first global mission? If so, feel free to drop by our comments section below and let us know how many Pokémon you’ve caught to date.

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