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10 habits to follow for a healthy and happy 2017

The start of a new year is a time when many are angling to follow a healthier path. But aiming towards a 2017 filled with wellbeing and self-care does not have to be an arduous journey. Chiaro Campo, spa manager of the award-winning T Spa at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como, Italy, shares 10 simple steps to promote wellbeing for the next 12 months and beyond.

1. Wake up and have breakfast for a strong day-start. Sounds like a normal routine? It’s not for a lot of people. Don’t skip breakfast because you’re late. Wake up a bit earlier and enjoy a healthy meal or have something at your desk if you’re short on time. Always eat within an hour of waking up, otherwise your body will become stressed. Upon awakening, drink one glass of water with a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime to energise your body.

2. Exfoliate regularly for glowing skin. Beauty begins with beautiful skin. And the real secret behind picture-perfect skin lies in deep cleansing and exfoliation. Campo recommends sea salt and olive oil for a strong exfoliation that leaves skin glowing and moisturised.

3. Dry-brush to improve cellulite and blood circulation. Dry-brushing gets rid of dead skin cells, helps to banish cellulite and boosts cell renewal. Campo advices starting at your feet and brushing in light sweeps in the direction of your heart. Besides being fast and efficient, dry-brushing also significantly improves your skin tone.

4. Take long baths to relax mind and body. To help your body detox and get rid of the effects of a hectic lifestyle, choose aromatherapeutic bath oils and add two cups to a warm bath. Immerse yourself, deeply inhale the aroma and repeat for 20 minutes up to three times a week. The bath oil works as hard to restore equilibrium to the mind as it does to treat the body.

5. Eat organically to detoxify your body. Try to eat only organic as it means zero chemicals to toxify your body, according to Campo. At the very least, choose clean, lean foods and drinks as much as possible. Whether you’re shopping for food or selecting from a menu, always go for the cleanest, most natural-looking food or meal available. When in doubt, eat fish and greens.

6. Choose dark fruits and vegetables for healthier skin. Most fruits and vegetables are good for the body, but darker produce such as kale and spinach are better. They produce more antioxidants to protect themselves from the sun. Next time you have a sweet craving, eat some in-season thin-skinned fruit, such as berries, apples, pears, cherries or green grapes.

7. Exercise for just ten-minutes to lose fat. You don’t have to exercise seven time a week to have a fit body. All you have to do is exercise regularly, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, three times a week. Campo says regular exercise helps to promote blood flow and increase lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass you have, the less fat or cellulite you will have.

8. Make beauty a pleasure to increase self-confidence. Why should the pursuit of the beautiful be all about self-sacrifice and denial? Skincare should be a pleasure and never a chore. Create your ideal skincare routine with heavenly aromas and lovely textures that will appeal to all your senses – so you’ll love it, every day.

9. Go for facials to care for damaged skin. Pamper yourself with facials to fix damaged or upset skin. Campo recommends opting for the ESPA Skin Radiance Facial to revitalize tired skin and give it a radiant appearance. For the body, he recommends ESPA Lift & Firm Hip & Thigh treatment to targets cellulite, fluid retention and uneven skin texture.

10. Hydrate your eyes for a younger appearance. You’d be surprised how much older tired eye can make you look. So make sure yours are refreshed, bright and endlessly care for. Use products with natural encapsulation technology to that target the appearance of lines and wrinkles while hydrating and brightening.

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