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86% of surveyed expats are proud to call the UAE their home, an Xpress Money survey revealed

The safety & security offered by the country, ranked high on expats’ preference list

Dubai, December 1, 2016 

38% of expats residing in the UAE who were surveyed by Xpress Money, consider the country to be their home because they feel safe and have a sense of security here. 27% of expats are grateful for the good career opportunities and the cultural diversity the country has to offer while 25% of the expats feel that the UAE has given them a better quality of life. These results come from a national survey of expatriate opinions conducted by Xpress Money on the occasion of the 45th UAE National Day.

70% of the expats surveyed moved to the country for a better job opportunity while 20% moved because their spouse or family was here. Of this 20%, 16% are women who feel that UAE has given them a better quality of life and they feel safe and secure in the country. Another interesting finding of the survey is that every 2nd generation expat who is born and raised in the UAE considers this country their home.

 “We conducted this survey to comprehend the social cohesion of the UAE’s multi-cultural society, and understand what makes the country a preferred destination for expats. The UAE is home to around 7.8 million expatriates from the world over. The nation’s vibrant economy, dynamism, and the vision of its leaders has created a safe, welcoming and enriching lifestyle for the country’s residents,” says Xpress Money’s Vice President of Global Marketing, Ashwin Gedam.

47% of the surveyed expats believe that the UAE has helped them give their families back home a better life while 33% owe the fulfillment of their dreams to this country. 18% of expats credit UAE for their successful careers across various industries. It is also noteworthy to point out that expats who have lived in the country for less than 5 years as well as those who have lived for over 10 years, equally share the same sentiments of calling the UAE their home. This goes to show that irrespective of the time spent, the UAE extends the same   spirit of oneness to all its expats.

 “We’re seeing that the security, economic vibrancy and quality of life the UAE provides is resulting in more people staying for longer, and becoming a part of the nation’s success story. This gives the UAE a competitive socio-economic edge because less transient populations are more likely to be productive members of society. The survey indicates the strength of the UAE’s founding values of tolerance and inclusivity, and shows how the country’s commitment to innovation and prosperity is helping attract global talent. The support of the government, and the country’s business-friendly environment, has also helped brands like Xpress Money grow and represent the country in international markets”, he added.

“The results of this survey indicates that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s UAE Vision 2021 to make Dubai amongst the best countries in the world, could soon be a reality,” Gedam concludes.


The survey, sampled 311 respondents coming from different countries and backgrounds, who are largely employed with the private sector.


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