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Bank Sohar Ramps Up Distribution of New 'Chip and PIN' Excel Debit Cards

Muscat, December 06, 2016

Bank Sohar endeavours to provide its customers with the highest possible level of banking security at all times. The recent introduction of ‘Chip and Pin’ technology into its Excel Debit Cards comes as part of this commitment and the distribution of these cards to customers is now well under way across the Bank’s branch network. Customers still using the older magnetic stripe cards are now required to visit their nearest bank branch to have their cards replaced with the new ‘Chip and PIN’ enabled debit cards. With these new ‘Chip and PIN’ Excel Debit Cards, customers can experience enhanced debit card security and functionality.

Commenting on the new ‘Chip and PIN’ Cards, Mr. Khamis Masoud Al Rahbi, Senior AGM and Acting Head of Retail Banking at Bank Sohar said, “The security of our customers’ personal information is considered as one of our top priorities. The chips embedded into these cards achieve exactly this, having already proven themselves to offer very high levels of security globally, providing customers with even greater confidence when making purchases locally and overseas. This shift to ‘chip and pin’ technology is also in line with the Sultanates e-Government initiative; which will eventually see the country-wide discontinuation of support for the older magnetic stripe cards in the near future.”

The distribution of these new ‘Chip and PIN’ enabled Bank Sohar Excel Debit Cards to customers has already been underway since their launch earlier this year. Furthermore, all new and renewed Excel Debit Cards are also being replaced with these new chip-embedded cards. Bank Sohar is encouraging customers who  are still using the older Magnetic Stripe cards to visit their nearest Bank Sohar branch to have their cards immediately replaced with its new ‘Chip and Pin’ enabled counterpart. 

“Customers visiting any branch in order to get their cards replaced need not have to wait long at all. Thanks to our newly introduced ‘Instant Issuance’ system, the new cards will be personalised and issued immediately; a facility unique to just a handful of banks in the country. Customers will also be allowed to choose their own pin at the time of issuance of the new card, rather than having to do so later; thereby making the entire process quick, hassle-free, and convenient,” added Mr. Khamis Masoud Al Rahbi.

These ‘Chip and PIN’ enabled Bank Sohar Excel Debit Cards, as the name implies, contain an embedded computer chip to enhance security. Unlike the magnetic-stripe; a chip card utilises dynamic authentication that is significantly harder to copy and replicate. As an additional layer of security, transactions done at any POS device requires the user to enter their personal PIN for authentication. This two-step process drastically reduces the risk of unauthorised charges on a customer’s account via counterfeit cards.


Every customer opening an Account at Bank Sohar will receive these ‘Chip and PIN’ enabled Bank Sohar Excel Debit Cards. The Debit Card can be used for cash withdrawals in Oman and worldwide at over 2.5 million ATMs and 40 million merchant locations where Visa Electron Cards are accepted. It also comes with high withdrawal and daily purchase limits together with premium features to provide users with a diverse selection of travel, dining, shopping and lifestyle benefits, emergency assistance, platinum protection and more.

In addition to its Debit Cards, Bank Sohar also offers customers a range of Excel Credit Cards; starting from the basic Excel Visa Classic, all the way to the extremely exclusive Excel Diamond Infinite Credit Card. Each of these cards provide their users with an array of exclusive offers and benefits in addition to free Travel Insurance, Purchase Protection, Zero Lost Card Liability, Free Priority Pass and online shopping security via Verified by Visa, and much more. Bank Sohar credit cards are also accepted worldwide for making payments and can also be used for cash withdrawals at more than 2.5million ATMs globally.

Together with its range of Excel Cards and other market leading retail products and services, Bank Sohar provides an extensive network of 28 conventional branches with more than 50 ATMs across the Sultanate. In addition, Bank Sohar customers can also avail of convenient cash withdrawal services at over 1,000 ATMs across the country operating under the ‘OmanNet’ platform. The Bank’s ATMs at Buraimi and Shinas border continue to operate with the ‘Dirhams Dispensing’ facility; thus adding immense convenience to businessmen who travel and transact business across the border on a regular basis, as well as to customers who visit the United Arab Emirates. The Bank’s customers enjoy the advantage of a Cash Deposit facility at all branch ATMs as another value-added service. In addition, the Bank’s E-channels, encompassing SMS banking, internet banking services and a specialised mobile banking application for Android and iPhones, allow customers to access their bank anytime and from anywhere.

For more information on Bank Sohar, please visit www.banksohar.net or call 24730000. You can also follow the Bank on Facebook at www.facebook.com/excel.banksohar , on Instagram at www.instagram.com/banksoharexcel  or join the conversation on Twitter @banksohar_excel.


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