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Hillary Clinton, Entire Bush Family On GQ's List Of Least Influential People Of 2016

GQ’s Drew Magary has just published his list of “Least Influential People of 2016” and apparently he’s still troubled by Trump’s victory as the entire list is dedicated to the “boobs, liars, and hapless idiots” who “added their own little secret ingredient to the hearty gumbo of American vapidity that gave us President Trump.”

First, even though Magary admits that he “hates” adding her to the list, you know since she won the popular vote despite all the Russian hacking, he laments that “when you lose an election to Donald Trump, you belong on this list. How do you fuck that up??”  But, after blaming Russia, at least Magary admits that Hillary is somewhat responsible for her own loss, asking “would it have killed you to visit Wisconsin, Hillary?”



Of course, the entire “Bush Family” was added to the list for their inability to stop Trump during the Republican Primary.



Anthony Weiner, the “breathtaking, unbelievable idiot,” appeared first on the list for being so “destructively horny.”



Matt Lauer took heat as one of the “useless talking bobbleheads who smoothed the way for Donald Trump to take over both the White House and 80 percent of all TV channels” after he apparently let Trump “skate” through his Town Hall “like the captain of a high school football team cheating on a Home Ec exam.”  But perhaps the funniest part of the Lauer commentary is Magary’s suggestion that NBC intentionally helped Trump win, you know because of the obvious conservative bias of the mainstream media.



Even God was called out for allowing a Trump victory…”We’re not gonna make it if You just stay up there in the clouds playing backgammon all day and what not. We need help.”



Meanwhile, Trump was apparently on Magary’s list back in 2013…what is that saying about “He who laughs last?”.

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