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Mosaic Market in Ajman a hit with vendors and visitors

AJMAN//An arts and crafts market has proved a big hit with shoppers, with thousands of people picking up handicrafts and homemade food since it opened last month.

The weekend Mosaic Market at Al Safia Park was set up to support small businesses and entrepreneurs with about 40 stalls selling everything from organic vegetables to clothes said Shaikha Al Nuaimi, corporate communication manager at the Abdulaziz bin Humaid Foundation, a non-profit organisation.

Aisha Khalfan bin Bader said the market was the ideal place to sell her clothing designs.

“My business started in May. I have a villa for the display room, but the market has helped in increasing the number of my customers who demand couture and unique designs,” the 49-year-old said.

Yahya Al Shamsi has been doing brisk business for his hats and caps featuring the UAE flag and Arabic sayings.

“I wanted to start my small business to increase my income. When my friend told me about the market, I got enthusiastic because I found a place to display my items, get experience about business field and have relations with entrepreneurs,” Mr Al Shamsi said.

At the Ajman Pearl Journey booth, visitors learned about the country’s history of pearl diving.

“This project is to revive the UAE traditions. We show the visitors the traditional equipment that was used by ancestors for pearling, how they were diving to catch the oysters and open them. Also, they can buy an oyster and open it to find their own pearl,” said Abdulaziz Al Mohsen.

“We have a shop in Abu Dhabi and will open soon one in Ajman. So we got a chance from this market to promote about the project for Ajman’s people.”

Around 6,000 people visited the market each weekend. Its last day is December 30.

Sana Adham, a Grade 7 pupil from Syria, visited with family and friends.

“I loved the place. It has many beneficial and entertaining things as the shows, open cinema, and zoo,” the 12-year-old said.

“It was my first time I see how the emirate food is made. Also, I got plenty of new information from the pearl booth.”

Arwa Al Hamadi, a chemical engineering student, appreciated the variety of products and food on offer.

“I liked the organic vegetables booth as it is my first time I see a shop selling organic food. As well, it is a nice place where we can enjoy our time in an open place, especially that the weather is nice,” the 20-year-old from Sharjah said.

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