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Sharjah residents celebrate National Day

SHARJAH // Hundreds of residents decorated their cars and played traditional Emirati songs while roaming the streets of Sharjah to celebrate National Day.

Naser Hammad, 39, from Al Dhaid, said that many people, Emiratis and residents alike, wait for this day to come together and celebrate the union.

“It’s a day to celebrate the progress of this great nation, which is home to hundreds of nationalities all living in peace,” he said.

Events to mark National Day kicked off at 4pm at several venues across Sharjah, including the national park, Al Qasba, and the Corniche.

Emirati Mohammed Al Hamadi, whose car displayed the UAE flag, said he and his friends decorated their vehicles to express the love they have for their country.

“It’s the day we celebrate the formation of this nation, and my friends and I have decorated our cars with our beloved flag to show off our love,” said the 26-year-old Al Izra resident.

Meanwhile, people at Flag Island were treated to an operetta, The Story of the Nation, featuring musical performances that highlight citizens’ love for their country. It also emphasised the country’s position as a place where people enjoy security, unity and tranquility.

Emirati Maitha Said, 13, wore a traditional dress with the UAE flag’s colours embroidered on it, while her brother, Majid, wore a white kandura and danced to the beat of traditional songs.

“My older brother taught me how to do the Yola dance with a cane and a sword,” said the 10-year-old.

Pakistani father of two, Nazeer Ahmad, was experiencing his first National Day as a resident .

“This atmosphere shows how much this country is in harmony,” said the 41-year-old. “The UAE accomplished many things over the past 45 years, which makes it one of the most sought out countries for expats.”

Emirati group Al Harbeya performed bedouin dances for audiences in Al Qasba, which was followed by a fireworks display.

For Emirati Sara Al Blushi, 21, National Day is about showing love and pride for the country.

“It’s a day of pride and joy for us, and we want to show our love and appreciation for what this young country has become and for its accomplishments in so little time,” said the University of Sharjah student.

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