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'Super Plumber Run' Is The 'Super Mario Run' Alternative On Android You Never Knew Existed

Super Mario Run is finally available on the App Store as a free to download game, but one that requires the spending of $9.99 to enjoy the entire package. For the moment, Android owners have to wait until some time in 2017 before the title is released on their platform.

For those who are not feeling the need to wait, it’s possible right now to download a play an alternative to Super Mario Run known as Super Plumber Run. See what the developers did there with the name? A neat touch to ride on the success wave of the Nintendo game.

What’s Super Plumber Like

Well, it’s very similar to Super Mario Run and any other mobile runner to be honest. It’s all about tapping the screen with a finger at the right time to make the character jump over obstacles or on little creatures. It’s also possible to gain coins, mushrooms, and power-ups to beef up the capabilities of the character.

The graphics and colors are not as vibrant as Super Mario Run, but it looks decent enough to play for long hours. Furthermore, it’s free to play, so no need to throw down $9.99; guess what? there is no need for an internet connection either. All these are great traits many folks wished Nintendo has adopted, but make no mistake, Super Plumber Run still won’t be as successful.

Here’s Something Funny

The developer of the game stated on the title’s Google Play Store page that this game is not a copy of Super Mario Run. We’re not going to get deep into that, we’ll just let you decide if it’s a clone or not.

“Note: This isn’t a clone! It has a different premise,” says the developer. “Also this game is free and works offline! Haha.”

As of right now, this is the only option Android users have until Super Mario Run makes it to the platform in 2017. Nintendo says early 2017, but failed to give an exact date. Whether or not this will be a problem is yet to be seen, but time will tell.

One needs to realize that Super Mario Run is not a game with a lot of depth when compared to Pokémon GO. It simply means by the time the game releases on Android, people might not care anymore. As for some, it may just be another mobile runner with Mario and that special Nintendo touch.

The company will probably have to give Android users exclusive levels as incentives to have them flock to the game. Until then, download Super Plumber Run right here and enjoy yourself.

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