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Here Were the Biggest Winners and Losers During Obama's Reign of Terror

At the end of the Bush administration, I hated the republicans. George was such a fucking idiot, alongside the tea party retards. I viewed Obama as a welcomed respite. In hindsight, I probably voted for Obama to prove that I wasn’t some sort of redneck racist.

The Obama administration was very good for stocks — maybe the best ever. But at what cost?

The national debt has doubled, borrowing more than $9 trillion since 2008 and the Fed’s balance sheet has gone from $700 billion to $4.5 trillion. This whole economy is a fucking illusion, a sham. Try to unwind those positions and start paying down that debt and you’ll see the true nature of the economy and the markets.

Obama did nothing, other than kick the can down the road — passing on a nuclear time bomb for future generations. By that fact alone, I consider Obama a grandiose failure, of the community organizing varietal. I’m not even going to get into the wars and his social policies — which has laid waste to the social fabric of America.

So what stocks did the best over the past 8 years, an era defined by crony capitalism, massive advances in technology, and social networks?

BAD NEWS FOR TRADERFAGS. Most of the big winners were held captive by FRED ‘Fucking’ WILSON and his crony capitalist VC pigs. Those greedy fuckers presided over monumental gains in social networks. Here are a few.

Facebook: $4b valuation in 2008 to $363b today.
Twitter: $1.5m valuation in 2008 to $12.3b today.
Yelp: $200m valution in 2008 to $3.2b today.
Snapchat: $485k in 2012 to $25b today.
Airbnb: $20k valuation in 2009 to $30b today.
Uber: $200k valuation in 2009 to $70b today.

That’s where the real money was made. Let’s see what scraps were left over for us — the little rich people.

$TREE +5,130%
$NFLX +4,415%
$JAZZ +4,400%
$DPZ +3,517%
$MKTX +3,300%
$PCLN +3,100%
$ULTA +3,000%
$INCY +2,800%
$MGPI +2,800%
$PPC +2,200%
$PRSC +1,700% (literally a welfare play)

And here were the losers.

$BBRY -85%
$APOL -85%
$SPWR -79%
$SHLD -77%
$FSLR -76%
$RIG -75%
$AVP -73%
$FRO -73%
$CYH -66%
$JCP -66%
$CHK -65%
$BBG -64%

Notice any trends? Which will be the biggest winners and trends under Trump?

I saw a world in need of automation, superfluous comforts indicative of a nation with plenty of excess. It was an era of wanton hedonism for the elite, and a grueling struggle for everyone else. One cannot discuss Obama without thinking about healthcare — his cornerstone issue during his time in office. It failed and now we have to deal with the ramifications.


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