Thursday / January 24.
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Le Perle: Dubai's Permanent Aqua Show

The preparations for Dubai’s first permanent stage show are underway, with 65 performers and 70 technicians flying into the city. Acrobats, dancers, strongmen and contortionists are said to be training for twelve hours each day for the show, in practice areas in both Studio City and Habtoor gyms.

Construction on the custom-built theatre at Al Habtoor City is almost complete, with a bulk of the stage and seats already built. “The theatre we have built is not just a theatre; it’s an incredible machine. It’s like a spaceship or more like an A380 plane which I have to fly,” explains the show’s founder and artistic director, Franco Dragone.

During the performance, acrobats will dive from a height of 35-metres and fly around the auditorium on high-powered winches at a speed of 15-kilometres-per-hour. Founder Dragone is famous for his theatrical spectacles, including LA Rêve in Las Vegas, and House of Dancing Water in Macau.

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