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'Plants Vs Zombies 2' Update Brings Power Plants, New Gameplay And More

Developers PopCap and EA have outed a new update for its Plants vs. Zombies 2 and the game now packs in several exciting features that will have players hooked.

On Tuesday, Jan. 10, the update for the iOS and Android apps of the game were pushed out and bring in its folds new Power Plants and a new gameplay.

“Introducing the Power Plants update, the next evolution in your ever-growing arsenal against the Zombie menace! For the first time ever in Plants vs. Zombies 2, you’ll be able to upgrade your plants with a variety of bonuses,” shared John Stumme, EA’s Lead Game Designer.

What Does The Update Bring?

Apart from the new gameplay, gamers will be able to upgrade plants thanks to a variety of bonuses. These bonuses will help them deal with a variety of factors such as damages, faster plantations and using up less Sun.

In order to accomplish this, gamers need to procure matching Seed Packets. Each plant will require a certain number of packets so that it can be upgraded. 

The new update also brings new possibilities of exploring your favorite plants, which helps unlock new opportunities in the entire gameplay. The feature adds to the replay value of the game. 

How To Get Seed Packets

Seed Packets can be extracted from new piñatas, which players can be earn by completing various quests. Alternately, players can acquire them from the in-game store. Piñatas – in Scheduled Quests – are specific to a world and have defined attributes. A Piñata can either tie to the world from which a plant has come or share an attribute.

Got The Seed Packets, What Now?

Once a gamer has collected a few Seed Packets they can visit the Seed Chooser or Almanac and tap the Upgrade button, which is next to a plant which is eligible for an upgrade. Once the plant is ready you will see its bar turn green. There will also be a lightning symbol in green.

Once upgraded, the stats of your plants see an improvement. The power which is acquired from leveling the plants is permanent. The game developers have explained that the Power Plants mechanic assists in defining the differences in plant’s roles.

To illustrate, the Primal Potato Mine and the Potato Mine are similar plants. However, with Power Plant upgrades, the Potato Mine is able to enhance its Plant Food ability and generate more mines, whereas the Primal Potato Mine version becomes more powerful. 

Future Plans

The developers have shared that in the near term, they intend to make the Power Plants feature “even bigger and better.”

You can now download the updated iOS or Android app for Plants vs. Zombies 2.

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