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Police look for driver who refused to give way to ambulance – Free Malaysia Today

The incident happened along the emergency lane of the Federal Highway.

abdul-samahPETALING JAYA: Despite all the warnings issued to drivers against using the emergency lanes along highways, some motorists never seem to learn.

One of them even had the gall to block an ambulance on the emergency lane.

Police are now looking for the driver of a Perodua Myvi who is said to have deliberately blocked the path of an ambulance along the Federal Highway here.

NST Online reported today that Selangor police chief Abdul Samah Mat has advised the driver to turn himself in and not wait until the police come knocking on his door.

“We will definitely trace the identity of the driver and call him or her up to facilitate our probe.”

A video showing the incident has been making its rounds on social media for the past week.

It was taken from inside the ambulance and shows the Myvi driver cutting into the path of the ambulance, which had his siren blaring away, and refusing to give way.

Earlier, the Myvi driver was observed cutting in and out of traffic and almost caused the ambulance to crash when it suddenly entered the emergency lane.

If charged in court under Section 53 of the Road Transport Act 1957, offenders can be fined a maximum RM2,000 or six months’ jail, or both.


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