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Ultra Street Fighter II For Nintendo Switch To Feature First-Person Mode For Launching Hadokens

Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is one of the games that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, which will be launched globally on March 3.

The title, which is a new version of Street Fighter 2, will feature two new characters in the form of Evil Ryu and Violent Ken, and will also add a new game mode for 2-versus-1 fights inspired by Street Fighter Alpha‘s Dramatic Battle mode.

However, it seems that these are not the only new things that gamers can look forward to in Ultra Street Fighter II.

Ultra Street Fighter II Will Feature First-Person “Unleash! HaDOken Mode”

At the end of the announcement trailer for Ultra Street Fighter II during Nintendo’s livestreamed presentation for the Nintendo Switch, franchise mainstay Ryu was revealed to be launching a hadoken in first-person view.

While the few seconds of footage could have been just a creative addition to the trailer, there were speculations that Ultra Street Fighter II could have a first-person game mode similar to Street Fighter IV for the Nintendo 3DS.

It seems that the first-person mode for Ultra Street Fighter II is real though, as discovered through the box of the upcoming Nintendo Switch game.

According to a report by Nintendo Everything, the box of the game reveals the new first-person mode named Unleash! HaDOken, in which players will be using the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers. The screenshot shown in the box reveals a timer and several Shadaloo soldiers, and it is believed that players will be forming the hadoken hand gesture while holding the Joy-Con controllers to take down the soldiers in a mini-game.

Other Ultra Street Fighter II Details

The box for Ultra Street Fighter II also reveals that the game will have an art gallery of some sort, with players able to view more than 250 pages of artwork. The content that will be featured in the art gallery include background art, characters sketches, and more.

Also shown in the box of the Nintendo Switch game is a logo for Capcom’s MT Framework engine, which is the company’s mainstream engine that is now confirmed to be working fine in the upcoming hybrid console.

Other details known for the game include options for gamers to play using the original 16-bit graphics of Street Fighter 2 or the remastered HD graphics that was first seen in Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix.

Unfortunately, no specific release date has been revealed for Ultra Street Fighter II, though it has been said that it will be launched within the year.

Controller Issues For Ultra Street Fighter II On Nintendo Switch

One of the major concerns surrounding Ultra Street Fighter II, however, is whether gamers will be able to properly play the game on the Nintendo Switch, considering that the Joy-Con controllers do not feature directional pads and instead have analog sticks.

It is much more difficult to make precise moves using analog sticks compared to directional pads, so fighting game enthusiasts might have to shell out an additional $70 to purchase the Pro Controller, which comes with a directional pad, proper shoulder buttons, and better grips, or an additional $160 for the leaked fighting controller with a joystick and arcade-style buttons.

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