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Etihad to offer free Wi-Fi, iPads on US-bound flights

Etihad Airways will offer free Wi-Fi and iPads to its first and business class passengers on all its US-bound flights from Abu Dhabi from April 2.

The service comes in response to the US government’s ban on large electronic devices in airline cabins, which came into effect last Saturday. It affects US-bound flights from Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE.

In a notice on its website, Etihad said that free Wi-Fi and iPads on all US-bound flights from Abu Dhabi will provide free Wi-Fi vouchers for the duration of the flight, the airline said.

Etihad said electronic devices larger that mobile phones, including laptops, tablets, larger cameras and e-readers, have to be placed into checked-in baggage or into the aircraft’s cargo hold.

“All guests [need] to do this at the start of any US-bound journey. However, guests wishing to carry their larger electronic devices to Abu Dhabi airport will be guided to a re-packing point before screening at the airport’s US Immigration facility,” Etihad said.

Their devices will be packed into specially provided secure cases that will be stored in the aircraft’s cargo hold and can be collected on arrival in the US.

On Tuesday, Emirates president Tim Clark said the Dubai carrier is considering offering passengers loaner laptops on its US-bound flights.

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