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Logo to help Dubai diners make healthier choices

DUBAI // Dubai Municipality has launched a logo to indicate which dishes on a restaurant’s menu have been deemed as healthy by the Food Safety Department.

The healthy food logo, launched in line with the Eat Healthy, Live Healthy campaign, signifies that the dish is part of an approved healthy diet.

Thirteen restaurants qualified for certification during the pilot phase, during which a team visited to verify the dishes were nutritious and contained healthy ingredients.

“The Eat Healthy, Live Healthy initiative aims to encourage food establishments to provide healthier options for the consumers that can be recognised by an official logo,” said Khalid Sharif Al Awadhi, assistant director general of Dubai Municipality for environment, health and safety control sector.

“In this context, it can be expected that broader availability of nutrition information regarding foods served at restaurants and other food service establishments would allow individual customers to make more informed decisions about the foods they purchase.

“More food establishments are coming forward to be part of this campaign and include healthy food in their menus.”

Mr Al Awadhi said that the campaign aims to raise awareness on the importance of healthy eating and to combat obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

“In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of meals prepared or eaten outside home,” he said. “In Dubai, currently, the daily calorie for most of the population comes from ready-to-eat food purchased from groceries or eaten at restaurants and office cafeterias.

“Increased caloric intake from a poor diet is a key factor contributing to the alarming increase in obesity and related diseases.”

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