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Tennessee Nail Salon Courts Controversy Over Rude Pedicure Sign

A nail salon located in Memphis, Tennessee, has created an uproar on social media for body shaming. The salon put up a sign on its gate, which noted that plus-sized people had to pay extra for a pedicure.

The salon which is courting controversy is Rose Nails is located in Frayser. A woman has accused the salon of putting up the controversial sign, which is offensive and targets the self-esteem of an overweight person.

The salon’s usual charge for nail service (pedicure) is $30. However, the sign stated that it will charge $45 for overweight clients as service fees for pedicurists.

“Sorry, but if you are overweight, pedicures will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists. Thank you!” read the sign that was hung up by the salon.

Social Media Reacts To Body Shaming

To make people aware of this body shaming incident, Deshania Ferguson uploaded a picture of the sign on Facebook on March 12. The post soon went viral and has garnered more than 500 shares.

Ferguson expressed in her Facebook post that the sign from Rose Nails was downright offensive.



Since then, several women have expressed their solidarity with Fergusson and shared disappointment over the discriminating statement.

“That seems like discrimination, I wouldn’t get mines done there,” replied Jeanette Fisher to Ferguson’s Facebook post.

What Does Rose Salon Say?

Shay Arthur, a reporter with WREG, confronted the salon owner Son Nguyen. When quizzed whether the company was responsible for committing such an act, Nguyen denied putting up the sign.

However, he remarked that he and his wife, who are the owners of the salon, have turned away customers who were plus sized due to difficulty technicians had to endure while giving pedicures to overweight people.

He also stated that in the past, he had to shell out $2,000 to $2,500 from his pocket to repair salon chairs, which apparently broke under the weight of plus sized customers. Nguyen stated that the image could have been taken anywhere and not necessarily his salon.

The owner’s assertion of incurring damage because of overweight customers has received backlash on social media.

“What is the difference from a ‘normal’ weighted 210 pound man and a woman with more curves that weighs about the same? The owner spoke on TV about the expensive Spa Chairs. What about a disabled person that finds it clumsy to get into the spa chair? Charge Disabled customers more money too?” remarked Michael Maize on the Facebook post.

Although Nguyen has denied having ever put up or written the sign, many of his existing customers are unhappy with Rose Nails’ business policies and practices.

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