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20 Amazing Things You Can Make with 3D Printing

A 3d printer will enable you to print almost anything from the comfort of your home. 3D printing is transforming the way specialists design and create things. When 3d was first introduced, people thought that they would not need to visit the stores anymore. They believed that they could download pre-made designs and print them.

Understanding the 3D Printer

Before deciding to start your 3d printing adventure, you ought to understand how a 3d printer works, and the tools you will find in the market. 3d printing involves creating 3-dimensional objects from a digital file. Using computer-aided designs; you can send your designs to a printer.

Things You can Make with 3D Printing

Have you ever wondered what you could make if you had a 3d printer? Below is a collection of amazing things to try:

  1. Shower Heads

If you want to spice up your shower accessories, you could try printing one using a 3d printer. Although they might not be fancy, technology keeps improving.

  1. Camera Lens

Although a camera lens is difficult to make, 3d printing simplifies this process. You can create unique designs by replacing glass with acrylic.

  1. Bottle Openers

3d printing Dubai can be fun, and it can help you out, especially when you need small things like a bottle opener. 3d printing comes in handy.


  1. Coat Hanger

Instead of buying hangers, you could print them. This allows you to 3d print hangers according to your taste and with unique designs.

  1. Desk Organizers

Of you have a disorganized desk because of your pens and pencils; you can borrow a leaf from 3d printing company Dubai experts. You can design your penholder according to your taste.

  1. Coasters

It takes a few minutes to print 3d coasters and avoid those countertop rings. Design them with flowers or plain.

  1. Citrus Juicers

Have you ever enjoyed preparing a recipe then you realize that you have no citrus juice? The quickest way to solve this is to use a 3d printer to make a juicer.

  1. Planters

You can choose from the numerous 3d printed flower plants available online. The good thing about this is you can even choose different designs.

  1. Candle Holders

If you love adorning your home with candles, you can try 3d printing several candles for this purpose.

  1. Doorstops

If you keep losing your door wedges, a 3d printing company Dubai specialists can design a doorstop for you.

  1. Vases

The best thing about 3d printing is that you don’t have to use boring vases; you can print new ones with unique designs.

  1. Coffee Cups

Did you know that you can print espresso cups using glazed ceramics? You can customize your cups.

  1. Earbud Holders

Don’t you hate all those tangles that attack your earbuds? Printing earbud holders is simple, and you can choose whatever style pleases you.

  1. Tablet Stands

Tablet stands can be expensive, and they might not match your taste. However, printing yours is fun and pocket-friendly.

  1. Hanging Light

If you love art, you can transform the ambiance of your home by 3d printing a stylish hanging light.

  1. Card Holder

You can easily design an iPhone case that also holds your cards. You can get designs from a 3d printing company Dubai experts. The cardholder can have several vertical and horizontal lines to store your cards.

  1. 3d Figurines

If you have kids, you can make them figurines or turn their funny drawings into figurines. You can use these to decorate your desk or use them to showcase your kid’s artistic side.

  1. Phone Cases

It can be frustrating to get a new phone case each time you purchase a new phone. How about designing a unique one that makes you the envy of many? You can even change your phone case whenever you want.

  1. Measuring Cups

If you are a baker, you know the importance of measuring cups. However, if you move a lot or have nosy roommates, your measuring cups might disappear a lot. The good news is that there are different designs and shapes to print.

  1. Cutlery Drainer

Paper towels can run out in the middle of the night or during a storm, but you only need 1 cutlery drainer. 3d printing allows you to own the cutlery you want without having to visit the store and going through numerous designs that don’t please you.


Advancement in technology has enabled us to transition from 2d to 3d printing. You can now print 3 dimensional solid objects based on your blueprint. These objects are strong enough to be useful, and you don’t have to buy replacements. You can simply design broken pieces, such as screws and hinges. With this technology and imagination, you can design as you desire.

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