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Fitness Recovery Tech: What is Cryotherapy, What are the Benefits and How Does it Work?

Many people are embracing cryotherapy as a holistic treatment for muscle recovery. This treatment was popularized by many athletes and celebrities who credited cryotherapy for more than just muscle recovery. Cryotherapy helps in muscle regeneration, rejuvenates your skin, and boosting your immune system.

As cryotherapy continues to flourish throughout the world, Dubai has not been left behind. Many folks are reaping the benefits of visiting the cryotherapy Dubai center. The good thing about this treatment is that it is non-invasive and safe since you only spend a few minutes. Some people feel the effects immediately after the treatment, while others take longer.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy means cold therapy, where your body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, but only for a few minutes. You can choose to receive whole-body cryotherapy or one area like the face. Whole body cryotherapy is where you step into a cryotherapy chamber, and your whole body is exposed to cold temperatures for 2-4 minutes.

What are the Benefits of Cryotherapy?

There are many benefits associated with cryotherapy for athletes and ordinary people. The following list will give you a reason to visit your cryotherapy Dubai center:

Pain Management

Cryotherapy minimizes the symptoms of various types of inflammation, which affect athletes. It helps to soothe joint and muscle pain due to increased blood flow. The cold temperatures numb irritated nerves relieving you from pain.

Athletes use cryotherapy to minimize inflammation and fight pain. This therapy triggers anti-inflammatory norepinephrine release that minimizes short-term pain from injuries. It also makes physical therapy tolerable for people with chronic back pain or fibromyalgia.

Muscle Recovery

After a workout, you might have chronic inflammation, but this is a sign that your body is trying to repair itself. Cryotherapy minimizes the damaging effects of intense training and speeds healing. This treatment is effective, especially if you visit your cryotherapy Dubai center for treatment after an intense workout.

Weight Management

When your body is exposed to extreme cold, it responds by increasing metabolism to warm your body, which helps to burn fat through cold thermogenesis. Cryotherapy can boost your metabolism and burn 500-800 calories during a single session, which is equivalent to a 45-minute run. The good thing about this therapy is that your metabolism will be increased for 4 hours after the treatment. Some people report getting rid of stubborn cellulite, which was present for years.

Stronger Performance

The best way for athletes to have a successful training is if their muscles recover quickly. Cryotherapy helps in quick recovery, which means that you are going to have a strong performance. It promotes agility, endurance, and gives you more energy as you exercise. Since cryotherapy helps to fight pain and inflammation, you will be able to push yourself during training and achieve maximum results.

Improves Mood

How does cryotherapy improve mood? When your body is exposed to extreme cold, it sends signals to your brain that your body is in danger. This triggers the fight or flight response, which activates the release of endorphins and other positive hormones. Endorphins act as your body’s natural pain killers and mood boosters. Stepping into a cryotherapy chamber triggers the production of endorphins, even for people who are always moody.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

What do you expect when you visit your cryotherapy Dubai center? The specialist will explain to you that the procedure is tolerable because you only spend less than 4 minutes in the chamber. The cold does not penetrate to your bones, muscles, and internal organs. It only works on the surface of your skin. This is why your body easily warms up quickly after stepping out of the cryotherapy chamber.

The first thing that happens after you step into the cryotherapy chamber is that your body takes protective measures. All the blood rushes from the superficial capillaries and vessels to the core. This blood is rich in anti-inflammatory proteins, white and red blood cells, enzymes, dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. After the session, this rich blood flows throughout the body, causing a healing effect.

Whole-body cryotherapy is popular because of the many benefits that 1 session can offer. Apart from aiding in muscle recovery, it helps to relieve pain and inflammation. The procedure is non-invasive and a staff member is always present to help you. Cryotherapy is not recommended for expectant women.


Cryotherapy was made popular by many celebrities who talked about the benefits they got after working out. A session of cryotherapy will help to relieve pain and inflammation as well as speed muscle recovery. This therapy also helps to improve your mood and boosts weight loss. Cryotherapy is non-invasive and only involves your skin. You don’t have to worry about any risks because the cold does not penetrate through to your muscles, tissues or internal organs.

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