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3 Most Popular Ways of Preparing for LSAT Certbolt Test

The LSAT, or Law School Admission Test, is one of the unique exams that you will ever encounter in your entire academic career. It is a skilled-based test that assesses your critical reading as well as analytical thinking skills, which are vital for your success in any law school. In this article, we will provide you with the ins and outs of the LSAT, so let’s begin our overview.

Essential LSAT details

The LSAT is divided into two main parts, one of which has 5 sections and the other has only one area. TheLSAT Writing section is worth 50% of the total score and evaluates the candidate’s ability to analyze arguments via an unscored writing sample that should be solved within 35 minutes. At the same time, the first part consists of Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and 2 Logical Reasoning parts, which go to your overall score, while the fifth one is the unscored one.

Reading Comprehension is the section that is worth 27% of the total score and assessesone’s ability to make sense of unfamiliar prose and dense. The next area is Logic Games or Logical Reasoning, which carries 23% of the total score and evaluatesthe learners’ skills in systems of order, basic logic, and outcomes. Then there is the LSAT Experimental section, which is a wild card and is purposefully used by the test makers to find out how questions are likely to perform in the future LSAT versions.

The entire exam lasts 3 hours and 30 minutes and there is a 15-minute break after the third section. The Reading Comprehension part will have 26-28 questions, there also will be 24-26 questions in each section of the Logical Reasoning area, 22-24 questions in Logical Reasoning, and 22-28 questions in the Experimental section. Each part will give you 35 minutes.

Effective LSAT preparation options

When it comes to preparing for the LSAT, one can choose the self-study materials, live classes, or courses. The choice should be dictated by the learning style that best suits the students.

  1. Live classes

There is a wide range of companies that offer the LSAT test prep courses that usually range in length from a weekend or day to months of weekly sessions. Before signing up for live classes, the students should weigh several factors. Some of the factors that matter include price, the instructors’ qualifications, class size, location, and the amount of proctored practice tests among other additional resources such as exam dumps provided online. ExamSnap.com

  1. Online courses

There is also a wide range of companies that offer the LSAT online courses to the learners. They are characterized by prerecorded lectures, exam dumps, video tutorials, and other materials such as practice tests that are usually offered at the end of the course.

  1. Self-study

Self-study is less costly and more flexible than in-person classes and online courses. The Law School Admission Council and many other non-profit companies provide low-cost and free study materials, including explanations of all the sections, real practice tests, and other resources that one can use along with guide books to study independently.


The LSAT score is a very crucial factor when it comes to determining if one goes to law school or not. That is why every candidate put his/her best efforts to get the highest possible score. So, if you want to be one of them, learn all the details you need and prepare by following the recommendations we gave you above.

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