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5 Best-Selling Cannabis Products of All Time

Since several countries have loosened and legalized using marijuana for medical purposes, the cannabis business has boomed in recent years. As a response to legalization, cannabis revenues are enormously growing all over the world.

The awareness about this peaceful plant is constantly increasing, thus paving the way for businesses in the cannabis industry to invent various products to meet cannabis users’ needs. Indeed, the rise in cannabis awareness has boosted a variety of cannabis products, considering THC and CBD could enter our system in different ways: we can smoke, vape, eat, or even get high through our skin.

The numerous products allow us to experience various ways of enjoying cannabis. Some of these products did come in handy while gaining mass recognition and approval.

“What is the best weed?” has been an irrelevant question in recent decades. The answer to this question depends on one’s preference and needs. However, we can answer your inquiry about the top five best-selling cannabis products of all time.


Chillums are one of the best-selling cannabis products for several reasons. First of all, they’re small and discreet, making them easy to transport and use. Secondly, chillums are simple to use – just pack the bowl and light up. There’s no need for fiddly papers or pipes, which makes chillums perfect for on-the-go smoking.

Finally, chillums provide a smooth, intense smoking experience thanks to their long, tapered shape. Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or a first-time smoker, chillums are a great option for enjoying your cannabis. So, why not give one a try? You might just be surprised at how good they are.


Grinders are important marijuana accessories. They definitely should be in your toolbox. Grinders provide a smoother smoke and make cannabis easier to carry. Regardless of its price, if you are a frequent cannabis user, you will find it worth it to have one.

Grinding your cannabis will make it easier to use when smoking or vaping. It’s vital that you use a grinder with whole buds to have a clean and even ground weed. Grinding your weed will also allow you to roll tight. Joints rolled with ground weed are smoother in taste and burn slower. Moreover, using ground weed for bowls will prevent unexpected hits.

A grinder is also needed to limit hands’ direct contact so that the valuable cannabinoids and the trichomes will not be damaged. This means that ground weed reserves its quality. Plus, rather than wasting the trichomes, the grinder will allow you to reserve them for later use.


Bongs often have a modest bowl that contains dried marijuana. When you light the cannabis and inhale it, the water at the bong’s bottom bubbles. The smoke goes through the water and then the chamber before reaching your mouth and lungs. So, for a pleasant smoking experience, nothing surpasses a bong.

The concept of smoking via water is almost as old as smoking itself. Bongs nowadays offer innovative features, including eliminating the unpleasant dry heat. They are widely known, and they come in various sizes and shapes.

Enjoying weed with a bong makes the smoke creamier, smoother, and cooler. Bongs are also used for better filtration. Adding to this, they reduce mold and bacteria and allow you to enjoy bigger hits.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a very popular product. They contain CBD, which provides their exact desired effect. CBD oil is available in several forms. You can purchase an E-liquid for a vape pen. You may also buy CBD tinctures, which are drops of pure CBD that you can place beneath your tongue. There are capsules as well, which can be easily taken like any other drug.

Cannabis oil is the most purchased cannabis product in countries that legalized the use of marijuana. CBD oils have very little THC, so you don’t need to worry about getting extremely high. Cannabis oil products are made for pain, anxiety, and nausea relief.


People’s perceptions of cannabis have shifted as a result of vaping. The usage of cannabis vaporizers is rising, particularly among young people. Indeed, there are several advantages to smoking marijuana with vapes that more individuals have converted over the years. These advantages are reliant on consuming high-quality marijuana.

Vaping cannabis may minimize the likelihood of inhaling carcinogens substantially. The smell of a vape pen is faint and will dissipate in minutes, allowing you to consume discreetly. You can adjust the hits you inhale from a vape to smoke comfortably based on your preferences. Likewise, vapes are better tasting than joints as they intensify the effects of smoking cannabis. Vaping cannabis is also less expensive than merely smoking it.


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