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Affinity Photo Is Now Available For Windows 10: Here's How To Get The Free Beta

Ever since Microsoft launched the first Surface device, the company has been pushing to get creative apps in the Windows Store in hopes to have creators switch from the Mac to Windows. So far, the company has been doing a decent job, and the latest app to cross over is Affinity Photo.

The app began life on Mac OS X, but now it’s coming to Windows 10. According to many, it’s one of the best alternatives to Photoshop. Not a bad comparison for in many ways the user interface is similar to Photoshop and comes with many of the same features.

Cost Of Affinity Photo

Not to mention, the cost is less than Photoshop at a cool $49.99, well, at least for the Mac version. The Windows version, according to the Affinity Photo blog, will be free for a while. Interested users can jump in and take advantage of the Beta, but they’ll need to sign up first.

After the Beta period, this app will require money. At the moment, however, we can’t say how much. It should be noted that Affinity Photo for Windows has all the same features as the Mac version, so users can have peace of mind should they decide to jump ship to a Windows device in the future.

Supported Files

It should be noted that this piece of software includes support for the likes of CMYK color, RAW files, 16-bit editing, ICC color management, and LAB color. It’s also beloved by professional photographers for its ease of use and how quickly they are able to get things done.

“On Mac, Affinity Photo was chosen as Apple’s App of the Year 2015, and voted Best Imaging Software 2016 by the Technical Image Press Association,” according to a recent blog post. “It has also received thousands of 5-star reviews from professional photographers, editors, artists and retouchers from all around the world.”

It should be noted that once the app is paid for, a subscription license is not needed to continue using it. We could be looking at the fall of Adobe Photoshop due to Affinity’s aggressive pricing policy, or even a change in how things are done.

Nevertheless, the most important thing here is the fact that Affinity has come to Windows, and that’s a boon for creators.

This app should go well with Windows 10 when the Creators Update is released in 2017. Furthermore, Affinity will need an upgrade seeing as Adobe is now supporting 3D and VR. VR is the future according to many, so it would make perfect sense of Affinity Photo supports it in the near future.

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