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Aksem seize RM300k worth of firecrackers despite new tactic by smuggling syndicate

BUKIT KAYU HITAM: Goods smuggling syndicates are using a new tactic to avoid detection by the authorities who have stepped up operation against the smuggling of goods, especially the firecrackers.

Deputy Commander of Border Control Agency (Aksem) Kedah branch, Noor Mohammed Shaik Alauddin said the tactic includes directing lorry drivers to go a certain location for a transportation job.

“The tactic came to light folllowing the seizure of smuggled firecrackers worth RM300,000 from a lorry yesterday,” he told a press conference at Aksem complex, here today.

In the 11.30pm incident, the owner of a lorry claimed that he was contacted by an unidentified person offering payment of RM1,500 to drive his lorry to Ipoh, Perak.

“He was directed to park the lorry in front of the Napoh RTC before another driver came to take the lorry elsewhere to load it with goods.

“The lorry was then sent back to the original location before the driver (suspect) was directed to transport the goods to another location. The smuggling syndicate claimed the goods were vegetables.”

Noor Mohammed said a seven member Aksem team managed to intercept the lorry and inspection led to the discovery of firecrackers hidden in the back of the lorry and covered with canvas.

“The total value of seizure is RM300,000. We believe the firecrackers were smuggled in from Thailand.”

The lorry driver from Bayan Lepas, Penang was later taken to Aksem complex for further investigation while the firecrackers were handed over to the customs for further action.

The case was investigated under Section 135 of the Customs Act 1997 for smuggling prohibited goods.

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