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Arabic portal Baitoka connects lodging owners and travellers

Hosts offering lodgings in the Middle East, travelers and tourists can now connect with each other on a new online platform, Baitoka.com.

The Middle East saw $224 billion spent on tourism and travel in 2017. It is expected to reach $234 billion by the end of 2018, and forecast to rise by 4.6% pa to $365 billion by 2028.  Coupled with a vacation rental market, also known as the VR industry, flourishing at a rapid pace at $100 billion in 2016, the global vacation rental market is projected at $170 billion by 2019. That is a huge market that has not been tapped yet.

Basel Qabouq, the company’s founder and owner, is confident that Baitoka.com is positioned on the cusp of a bourgeoning market in the Middle East. The website went live on the 20th   November 2018.

“It is the only website within the industry in the Arabic language, a place that speaks their language.”  According to Qabouq, Baitoka.com is not just a simple portal for accommodation; it encapsulates the beauty of Arabic hospitality in a website. A site that converts homes to 5-star hotels.

The portal is currently testing with the first clients, to ensure the guest receives a sustainable service and product level.

Baitoka.com is designed to be easy for the Arabian homeowner to connect with the world. And with the current real estate market situation with a lot of new home owners not sure how to pay back the back, it comes in at a perfect timing. A leading regional house-keeping service will also be available to the homeowner in the future, taking the headache out of cleaning while leaving the lodging in hotel room comfort.

For the guest, one of the region’s leading food delivery companies will be available to provide a traditional breakfast, serving the taste and sophistication of Arabian culture to their table. It is future innovation that will prove Baitoka a leader in the market. “Middle east travel market is hungry for innovative services,” says Basal.

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