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AT&T Lowers Price Of Unlimited Data Plan, T-Mobile Swings Back With 3 Lines For $100 Offer

When it comes to unlimited data plans, it has been a tug-of-war between major carriers.

It’s a matter of they-can’t-be-better-than-us attitude with AT&T trying to pull customers to its side and T-Mobile tugging with its full strength to win subscribers. Of course, Sprint and Verizon will not let the two get all the attention and have also gone into the offensive.

AT&T Unlimited Data Plan: Unlimited Plus vs. Unlimited Choice

The latest unlimited data plan offering from AT&T sweetens the deal even further and it comes in two flavors. The new plans will be available starting March 2 and current subscribers can switch to these new plans if they wish to. Subscribers can choose between the AT&T Unlimited Plus and the Unlimited Choice Plan.

The Unlimited Plus plan comes bundled with premium entertainment and teases customers with the idea of unlimited wireless data coming with an unlimited amount of entertainment.

Subscribers who sign up for the Unlimited Plus wireless plan will enjoy $25 off on their DirecTV, DirecTV Now, or U-Verse TV per month. The discount will come as a $25 credit to your bill and will start after two to three billing cycles.

This new plan starts at $90 per month for one line. Customers who need two lines need to spend $145 per month. Additional lines will cost $20 extra for each line and for up to eight lines.

“Through these incredible integrated offers, an AT&T Unlimited Plus customer will get unlimited data, talk, and text, 10 GB of tethering per smartphone (after 10 GB, max speed 128 Kbps), the option to connect a tablet and other devices for $20 a month, and the ability to add premium video through DirecTV, all starting at a combined price of $115 a month after AutoPay and paperless bill wireless discount and $25 video credit. The total monthly cost for an AT&T Unlimited Plus customer who chooses to have DirecTV Now will start at $100 a month after these discounts,” AT&T said in a statement.

Take note that once you hit the 10 GB hotspot limit, the speed will be in the slow lane at around 128 Kbps.

By default, the video streaming comes at 480p resolution. Subscribers who want to enjoy high definition need to switch off the Stream Saver feature.

The second unlimited data option is the AT&T Unlimited Choice.

The Unlimited Choice plan comes with unlimited data but with maximum speed of 3 Mbps. It includes unlimited data, talk, and text and will cost $155 a month for four lines. A single line will cost a subscriber $60 a month and $155 for four smartphone lines. Video streaming is at about 480p at 1.5Mbps max. On both plans, AT&T will throttle the speed for customers exceeding 22 GB of data usage per line during times of congestion.

Subscribers still need to factor in taxes and other fees that may come with the Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice plans.

The old data plan offered by AT&T cost $100 per line per month and $40 a month per additional line with the fourth line coming for free. Initially, this was just offered to DirecTV subscribers but this limit was lifted earlier this month.

New T-Mobile Unlimited Plan

Starting March 1, new and current subscribers of T-Mobile One Or Simple Choice Plan can get an extra line for free if you have an existing line or signing up for two or more lines. This a limited-time offer wil only cost subscribers $100 per month for three unlimited lines.

“The free line will match your current paid voice line data, i.e. T-Mobile ONEcustomers will receive a FREE T-Mobile ONE line and similarly, Simple Choice customers will receive a FREE Simple Choice line. If your lines have varying amounts of data, the free line will match the line with the least amount of data. Existing customers with two paid voice lines get a free line whether you’re adding a smartphone line, tablet line or wearable,” T-Mobile said in a statement.

The free line will come as credit to the subscriber’s bill and it may come on the first billing cycle. If the credit does not appear on the first month, customers will see two credits on their second bill.

Earlier this month, T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced on Twitter the tweaks the Un-Carrier made to improve its unlimited data offering. It added HD video and mobile hotspot.

T-Mobile also boasts that their prices already include taxes, unlike the other carriers.

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