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AWOK.COM identifies online shopping habits of UAE consumers in latest study

Dubai, 1st March, 2017

www.AWOK.com, one of the leading online shopping destinations in the UAE- has released some of the online shopping trends in the region in the past one year. With e-commerce being one of the strongest growing businesses in the UAE, the sector has seen some very interesting trends. Males have been highlighted as the predominant force behind ‘click and buy’; representing an overwhelming 73% of online shoppers. While the UAE’s male-biased population certainly serves to enforce that figure, the social aspect of malls and browsing, still appeal more to the female consumer. The female online shoppers stood at 27%

The trend shows that online shopping is high in the age group of 25-34 year-olds who make up the biggest proportion at 50%. The mid age group between 35-44 also showed affinity towards online shopping and stood at 23%

Awok.com has seen significant response with returning customers now hitting 74%. Mobile technology plays a big role in supporting site accessibility, with a majority of customers accessing the site through their phones and smart devices. Android users are the most predominant, at 76% of shoppers, while the optimum browsing choice is Google Chrome.

Another key observation by AWOK.com has been that consumers still believe in cash on delivery as compared to doing transactions online. According to AWOK.com’s figures 70% of consumers believe in cash on delivery while 30% engage in online transactions.  AWOK does not see the cash-on-delivery method disappearing in favour of online payment as people are still wary of using credit cards despite the fact that they are often safer.  According to Ulugbek Yuldashev, Founder and CEO of AWOK.com, “The confidence of some shoppers to use their credit card online is relatively low. However In today’s scenario, payment gateways are safer because they do check for fraudulent transactions.” Mr. Yuldashev believes that banks are doing their best to improving the convenience of online shoppers and increase their confidence in online payments.


According to the findings released by Awok.com Mobile Phones is the top searched category followed by Watches, Jewellery, Perfumes, Home Appliances and Accessories. With smartphone penetration in UAE being extremely high 78% of consumers access online shopping through their mobile phones while just 22% access it through their desktops.


ABOUT www.AWOK.com
www.AWOK.com is a dynamic UAE based eCommerce business that was founded by Ulugbek Yuldashev in April 2013, and headquartered in Dubai.  AWOK has grown rapidly to become one of the leading online shopping destinations in the UAE that attracts approximately 10 million visitors per month. The website commenced business in 2013 by selling electronics. Currently, AWOK.com offers approximately 50,000 products across 30 plus categories that includes mobiles, fashion accessories, home appliances, and kitchenware, cameras as well as health and beauty products. The products and categories offered are growing with the expansion of the business. The online retailer has managed its own fulfillment center and logistics since inception of the business, and hires close to 500 employees

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