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Bragi Wants To Put A ‘Custom-Made Wireless Computer’ In Your Ear : TECH : Tech Times

The wireless headphone company Bragi on Tuesday, May 16, announced a product lineup update to its Dash wireless in-ears called the Dash Pro, a version of which is being marketed as “the world’s first custom-made wireless ear computer.”

The company outed two versions of this new headphone model, both improving upon the last model with a trove of features, alongside a crucial element that fixes a longtime woe with wireless headphones: a custom fit version, so they don’t fall off.

Dash Pro

The custom-made Dash model is created using the same process audiologists employ for manufacturing expensive earplugs, hearing aids, and professional-grade in-ear monitors. The model is the result of Bragi’s collaboration with Starkey Hearing Technologies, a Minnesota-based company that offers comprehensive hearing solutions.

First True Wireless In-Ear Monitors That Are Custom-Fit

While other companies do offer custom-modeled in-ear monitors to customers, usually for live performances, Bragi says its custom-made Dash Pro is the first true wireless headphones offering a custom fit. Despite that, the Dash Pro will still stand as one of the most affordable headphones that feature custom molding, retailing for $500. The standard Dash Pro, meanwhile, will run you $330.

Dash Pro Features

Bragi claims the Dash Pro offers easy one-touch Bluetooth pairing and robust connectivity, among many other things.

The buds pack internal computer parts, including a 32-bit chip and 4 GB of storage. The tiny computer parts inside boast artificial intelligence, which, coupled with 27 sensors, help the headphones with active noise-canceling, Bragi’s noise pass-through Audio Transparency feature, and more.

On-The-Fly Translations With iTranslate

The Dash Pro is also equipped with beefy translation powers. Via iTranslate, the headphones can support translations of over 40 languages on the fly, relying on the iTranslate app on iOS. Hence, you’ll need to buy iTranslate to take advantage of the feature, but Bragi is throwing in a free month-long subscription for everyone who’ll purchase the headphones.

The Dash Pro also sports biometric sensors for step tracking, pool length tracking, and other measurement features related to fitness. Users can even connect to the dedicated Bragi app to get updates on workout performance. The Dash Pro can also integrate with other health apps for additional features.

Most impressive of all, however, is the navigation method used to control the Dash Pro. It employs a “4D” user interface to let the wearer control the headphones by moving the head or tapping the cheek. We’ll have to wait until consumers get a hold of the headphones to see if this works as well as promised.

Bragi 3.0

But that’s not all. Bragi is also launching Bragi 3.0, a new and improved operating system that incorporates the IBM’s Watson AI, adds automated health and fitness tracking, brings new audio profiles, and more. The headphones can last up to five hours per charge, which is better than the last model’s paltry three hours of battery life.

You can purchase the Dash Pro via Bragi’s website. The custom fit version will be sold through audiologists across the United States and Canada.

With it also being a tiny wireless computer as Bragi claims, the Dash Pro stands to become one of the best wireless headphones available in the market.

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