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Celebration Brunch: Imperium: Jumeirah Zabeel Saray – Leisure

There are two types of brunch in this city. The first, a casual get-together that involves a near-unlimited food and drinks from a high-end restaurant. Much merriment will be had by guests who attend, and it provides the venue with an excellent platform to serve a generous selection of dishes that showcases the best it has to offer.

The second type, however, is not so much a singular brunch, but an entire afternoon event. It features multiple restaurants, hundreds of staff, entertainers, musicians, up to a thousand guests, and just about every style of cuisine and beverage type on the planet. Imperium, at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, is most certainly the latter.

Known internally as a ‘super brunch’, it features four restaurants attached by an outdoor terrace, letting guests walk in and out as they please. Excess is everything when it comes to Imperium, and there are entire rooms dedicated to things like fresh seafood and desserts.

Entertainers – clad in 12th century French regalia – wander about, stopping to pose with guests, while the violinist or in-house opera singer warbles away in the background. The service too is generous, beyond all measure.

In fact, staff are so good at topping up beverages and replacing employ plates they almost serve as a challenge to eat and drink more.

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