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Cryptounit Inc to list CRU token on LocalTrade Exchange

Early this year Cryptounit Inc signed the final cooperation agreement with LocalTrade Ltd.

LocalTrade is a modern platform where one can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies or fiat money (e.g. pounds, euros or dollars). The exchange is in the top-100 according to CoinMarketCap. CEO Aaron Levi Yahalom has gained renown for his contribution to the promotion of cryptocurrencies worldwide. LocalTrade is notable for its innovative approach to personal finance, investing and trading. The goal of the company is to create a comprehensive product that will satisfy both seasoned crypto experts and novices in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Presently members of the NEEW ecosystem and the CryptoUnit company can enjoy full access to the platform and participate in token trading on the LocalTrade global exchange. Let us remind you that since the middle of last year, CRU and UNTB utility tokens have been available for exchange and trading on the UnitEx online exchange. Now members of the NEEW community can make even better use of the potential of CRU tokens, for example, to build their personal investment portfolio.

CriptoUnit Inc offers its partners an additional opportunity, namely a collateral token. Its goal is to help finance start-ups and established businesses. The company offers to buy tokens and lock them for a certain period of time, during which the parties to a contract should fulfill their obligations.

Additionally, users need CRU tokens to pay for a business account. The advantage of a business account on the CryptoUnit blockchain is the ability to issue new tokens and keep business records in full compliance with the law.

CRU tokens are also used in a loyalty program for targeted investors wishing to become co-owners of the company.

Listing CRU tokens on the global trading platform will make them publicly available, reach a wide audience and increase the interest of the crypto community. The release date of new tokens and their listing on LocalTrade will be announced later.

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