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Dubai temperatures could drop to as low as 10°C later in January

Temperatures in Dubai could drop to as low as 10°C later this month as a cold wind arrives, according to Dubai Municipality.

The authority’s new climate forecast service also said the fog conditions experienced over the last few days are expected to be reduced after mid-month, followed by cold wind, dust and sand.

It added that January is expected to be the coolest month of the year with an average maximum temperature of 24°C and an average minimum of 14°C.

January is often cloudy and will have high humidity with dense fog early morning at the beginning of the month. The fog will reduce gradually and northwesterly winds will bring a gradual decrease in temperature levels to a range of 10-20°C. 

The northwesterly wind is expected to penetrate into the Arabian Gulf, causing some air turbulence and rain showers accompanied by thunderstorms in different parts of the emirate and cause a rise in sea waves, the forecast added.

Iman Ahmad Al Khatibi Al Falasi, head of Geodetic and Marine Survey Section in the Survey Department, said that issuing the weather forecast of month is a new service to educate the community. 

A daily weather forecast service called “Dubai’s Weather” has also been launched on the social media pages of Dubai Municipality.

Dubai’s Weather is a service undertaken through the monitoring and forecasting system of Najm Suhail, an App which was launched by Dubai Municipality. 

Najm Suhail system is made up of 16 monitoring stations that collect all air, marine and meteorological data, which includes wind speed, wind direction, wind force, relative humidity, soil moisture, dew point, fog, air temperature, water temperature, soil temperature, atmospheric pressure, tides, speed and direction of ocean currents, water quality, and rain.

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