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Emirates To Layoff 9,000 More Employees

Citing the pandemic as the primary factor behind the MASSIVE reductions and staff layoffs, Emirates airline has announced that it will cut off 9,000 more jobs as a result of the COVID-19 global crisis.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Emirates had a total workforce of 60,000 which the Dubai state-owned airline is planning to shrink by 15-20%. These drastic measures are being taken as the world’s largest long-haul carrier struggles to stay afloat amid the pandemic, which has severely impacted the aviation industry as a whole.

Although, the president of Emirates, Sir Tim Clark revealed that Emirates is “not as badly off as others”.

Just recently Emirates laid off 700 cabin crew members and more than 600 pilots

The president of Emirates further clarified to BBC that the airline had already cut a tenth of its staff and will have to let go of a few more. Although in the BBC report, Sir Tim mentions that Emirates redundancies will probably go as high as 15-20%.

With all aviation activity grinding to an unprecedented halt, Emirates that was heading to what was predicted to be their best year (considering the Expo 2020), saw a complete turnaround in fortunes.

Pilots who fly Airbus planes are being laid off in much bigger numbers compared to those who fly the Boeing aircraft.

This is because the ginormous Airbus A380s have the capacity of 500+ passengers, whereas Boeing 777s have the capacity for a smaller number of passengers which makes it more apt to operate during this period of reduced air travel.

With job cuts putting aviation workers on the edge, news of Emirates letting go of more of its employees is fueling concern that operations in the aviation industry will be deteriorating for some time longer before activity returns back to normal.

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