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Emiratis in the US urged to avoid political protests and conflict with 'ignorant individuals'

DUBAI // Emiratis in the US have been urged to exercise caution and avoid areas where political protests are taking place.

The consulate in Los Angeles sent out tweets on Sunday urging Emiratis to stay alert and be cautious because of an increase in abuse and assaults against foreigners.

Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election last week has sparked protests in cities around the US and an increase in verbal attacks against Muslims.

“We urge Emiratis currently in the US to be cautious and on alert,” the consulate said on its Twitter page. “Do not get close to protest areas as you may be assaulted or arrested.

“Be calm when you are faced with harassment or assaults as a result of hatred to foreigners and racism. Distance yourself from the area and contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the UAE Embassy immediately.

“Verbal, physical assaults and harassment have risen significantly during the past few days, so do not lose your life or your future in an argument with an ignorant individual.”

The UAE Embassy in Washington DC posted an alert on its website also urging citizens to stay away from protests.

“Attention UAE students, patients and citizens in the US. For your own safety, the Embassy of the UAE urges you to please stay away from any ongoing or planned demonstrations and protests in cities around the US,” it said.

“Please be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid crowded places when possible. Exercise particular caution during large festivals or events. Be alert and stay safe.

“You are encouraged to contact the embassy if you are in need of assistance, on +1 (202) 431-5530.”

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