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Escaping Cuba: The dangerous journey from Havana to Texas


I’d been living in Cuba for about a year when I met Marta. She was sitting in her friend Mita’s car, a woman I was shooting a project for. Marta was smoking a cigarette and had long nails. I took a picture.

They were picking me up from the police station, I’d been taken into custody for photographing a police officer on the street, and I didn’t have my press credentials on me.

Marta’s hand, the first photo I took of her before seeing her face.

The photo I took which led to my being taken in to the police station.

Marta had “guara,” the Cuban word for a certain ease at befriending perfect strangers. I can’t remember what we did that day but Marta got my number and started calling me, often, asking me to come over and hang out Read more…

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