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Exhibition of works inspired by Afghan conflict

|By TAP Staff| An exhibition of works inspired by artist Arabella Dorman, who lived and worked alongside local people and armed forces across Afghanistan, is set to open in London next month.

Arabella is an artist intrigued by the human condition and her work documents people and places affected by conflict across the globe.

Before the Dawn – An Artist’s Journey Through Afghanistanat La Galleria Pall Mall, London, (4 – 15 November) is a selling exhibition of work inspired by and created during her travels through Afghanistan over a period of five years. The exhibition is made possible by Mirwais Alizai, a young Afghan entrepreneur and patron of the arts.

Before the Dawn signals the hopes and fears that each new day brings, but also captures a shared ambition for stability, peace and prosperity as Afghanistan enters a new period of its history. This sense of promise is highlighted in Arabella’s focus on the children at the heart of Afghan community, where nearly half of the population is under the age of fourteen.

Arabella made trips to Afghanistan over the past five years, chronicling the lives and stories of the local people in a series of paintings and works on paper. The exhibition is a response to the unfolding narrative that she witnessed and an insight into how individual lives are shaped by conflict, struggle and shared moments of strength. The work takes the viewer on a journey through the dusty landscapes of Helmand province, along the roads of Afghanistan’s recent history and into the everyday lives of Afghan families. Back in the UK, Arabella has charted the stories of returning soldiers as they face the reality of life at home and the after-effects of conflict.

The exhibition’s sponsor Mirwais Alizai, 35, is an Afghan entrepreneur who grew up in Helmand province. As a teenager he became the sole breadwinner for his family following the death of his father and has gone on to found a successful ICT business enterprise, GTR, that contributes to his vision of a self-sustained Afghan economy.

A series of guest talks and panel discussions with the artist will take place throughout the exhibition, giving visitors a deeper connection with the experiences shared by Arabella and her subjects during her time in Afghanistan.

All ticket sales and 10% of all sales of work will be donated to the two charities named Afghanaid and Walking With the Wounded, with whom Arabella has been working for some time.