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Fall Fashion 2021: 7 Types of Bags Perfect for the Autumn Season

Bags are the top accessories you need all year round.

A bag is something you can’t leave home without; after all, it is that one accessory where you can put your wallet, phone, and other items you need for a day at the office, a date, or a night out with your friends.

The right bag can also complement and even elevate your outfit, making it one of the few accessories that are both functional and fashionable.

Best Types of Bags for Fall

Like other fashion essentials, bags come in different forms as well. Depending on the season, certain types can make you look more fashionable and in style.

If you want to know which of your pre-owned designer bags are the best ones to match your outfits with and use throughout fall, continue reading below:

1.     Oversized

With the weather becoming a bit cooler, you’ll need to bring a few more accessories whenever you go out. These can include a light sweater, scarf, hat, and other items you need to protect yourself from the nippy temperature.

Fall, therefore, is the perfect time for you to bring out your or get a pre-loved super-sized designer bag.

Large tote, crossbody, and handbags are perfect for going to work since aside from your accessories, they can also fit your laptop, makeup, and other essentials. They are also great for your shopping sprees.

With just one large bag, you won’t even have to bring another one, especially if you are planning on buying only a few small items.

2.     Quilted

If you are planning to buy a super-sized or any bag for fall, choose a quilted one since this design is trending this year.

Quilted bags have an inherent luxurious feel and look. They have an effortless sophistication and timeless elegance that makes them a great addition to your collection.

A quilted bag will definitely be a wardrobe staple since pairing a crossbody quilt-stitched purse with a simple tee and jeans ensemble instantly makes your outfit look more polished and put together.

For fall, choose a designer quilted cross body bag or backpack in lilac or greens since it is easy to pair with any outfit and allows you to make a statement without being overpowering.

3.     Messenger bag

Also known as a courier bag, this type of bag comes with a long strap allowing you to wear it across the body or use it as a shoulder bag.

Because of this, you can feel comfortable carrying heavy or bulky items yet still keep your hands free and give you easy access to its content.

Messenger bags are made with a variety of materials, including leather, canvas, and plastic variants.

For fall 2021, the trendiest messenger bags are made of leather and canvas and have eye-catching exterior pockets and buckle details. This elevated design won’t fail to add a touch of flair to your outfit.

4.     Slouchy clutch

The effortless stylish daytime clutch is a vital wardrobe staple. However, this year, slouchy designs are making a splash, as popularised by Gabriella Hearst and Fendi.

If you need a bag that you can wear from day or night, a woven slouchy clutch is an excellent option.

Other options for a casual slouchy bag include suede and leather. For an evening, formal accessory, go for fabrics like satin or a glittery lamé.

5.     Woven

Unique handbags are in this year. If you want to have an accessory that’ll stand out this fall, get a woven bag.

The elegance of the interlaced weaving technique can grab the eye of anyone. You’ll also have fun choosing from the different designs, patterns, and thicknesses.

If you want a modern and chic handbag, pick one with thick woven patterns.

However, if you want an accessory with a retro look, look for straw-like bags with thinner woven patterns.

Aside from having a stylish handbag suitable for the fall, a woven bag is made of sustainable materials, which means you’ll have an eco-friendly accessory. Moreover, it is versatile enough for summer wear.

6.     Chain bag

If you want to add some edge and shine to your daytime or evening outfits, bring out or shop for a new chain bag.

A chain bag adds a touch of class and sophistication to your night out outfit, making it the perfect evening bag. It is a great accessory to have when you go clubbing.

If you want an accessory with a contrasting and dramatic look that stands out, go for a quilted, fluffy bag with chains.

7.     Coin purse

Lastly, if you are constantly on the go or used to bringing your purse instead of a bag, now is the time to buy a new coin purse.

This fall, the retro coin purse is back with an updated design, making it more fashionable and functional.

This season’s top purse designs have long straps, making them easier for you to carry your money inside them securely. They are also easier to open and close since they are equipped with clasps.

A coin purse with a strap is another functional and chic accessory that can complete your outfit.

If you are shopping for pre-owned designer bags for autumn, choose from any of these types and you will have another accessory that’ll complete and glam up your outfit this season.


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