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Top 4 Advantages of Living in a Mixed-Use Community

Imagine yourself having a leisurely breakfast knowing that you can easily commute to work or bring your kids to school. Or perhaps you can picture yourself having a business meeting at a nearby café then doing a spot of shopping on the way home?

You can even go as far as fantasising about a day of fun and leisure as you sweat it out with friends at your local health club then spending the rest of the day at the neighbouring hotel for a spa pampering session.

How would you like to turn all these dreams into reality?

Simple. By purchasing a flat for sale in Dubai, preferably one in the heart of a thriving multi-use community. Read on and find out why investing in mixed-use real estate property development will work to your advantage.

Everything you need and more

When you’re looking to invest in real estate, consider one located in a mixed-use development. Whether you want to be in the midst of all the action or prefer to find a special place for yourself, there is undoubtedly something for everyone in a mixed-use complex.

This type of urban development is a blend of commercial, cultural, institutional, and residential spaces that enables you to integrate your home, work, and social life seamlessly.

In addition, modern communities such as mixed-use neighbourhoods adhere to best-in-class construction and design standards while catering to their tenants’ current and future needs.

An excellent example of a mixed-use development is one where there are diverse residential options flanked by several commercial establishments that improve the residents’ way of life. Shopping malls, specialty shops, hotels, food and beverage outlets, service centres, schools, offices, and a whole lot more make it an all-in-one hub for almost everything that you need.

Sit back and sip your daily cup of premium roast coffee as you enjoy exhilarating views provided by the thoughtfully designed architecture.

This is just one example of how progressive developers have designed these residential spaces to offer you a more gratifying experience. All the structures and facilities in the complex have been planned with your contentment and convenience in mind.

Below are some of the most important reasons why it is advantageous to live in a mixed-use community like Dubai Festival City:

1. Accessibility

One of the critical objectives of a mixed-use development is to centralise anything and everything you need in one place. It offers you modern-day convenience, such as access to retail shops, dining destinations, as well as entertainment and lifestyle hubs. It’s also customarily located nearby essential services such as banks, hospitals, schools, and workplaces.

Since its location is usually near central commercial and industrial hubs, transportation is not a problem. Moreover, most mixed-use developments have a robust transportation system that allows the smooth flow of traffic in and around neighbouring communities.

2. Economy

Investing in mixed-use real estate development property is also a strategic move when you want to diversify your portfolio. They are considered to be safe investments as there’s a variety of tenants and uses. You can either live in it and take advantage of the amenities and conveniences around you, or you can rent it out and earn profit.

Designed to be smarter spaces for residents, mixed-use projects offer competitive rental or purchase real estate prices. In addition, since most of the services and facilities you need may be a short distance away, you can also save up on commuting or fuel expenses.

You also save up on energy as walkable communities offer convenience and ease of movement within the complex.

3. Sustainability

Most buyers of mixed-use real estate also invest in such developments for their environmental sustainability. There are mixed-use developments that avoid overbuilding and repurpose old structures. A conscious reduction of urban-use areas also gives way to the preservation of green zones or the creation of new ones.

Proximity to buildings and complexes also encourages residents or guests to access them on foot, reducing their carbon footprint. In addition, riding their bikes or scooters also significantly help in cutting down greenhouse gas emissions produced by conventional vehicles.

Energy efficiency is also a trait of modern mixed-use properties. Developers nowadays are more eco-conscious about their choices. Likewise, progressive buyers are more environmentally aware and are willing to pay a premium for properties that have a clean and green advocacy.

4. Community

A mixed-use development also promotes a close sense of community. Dining, entertainment, health, sports, shopping, and a host of other lifestyle hubs and events provide diverse and varied opportunities for residents to come together.

Walkable communities also encourage people to be more active by walking in and around facilities, increasing socialisation and camaraderie among neighbours. Wide, open spaces, well-managed and maintained premises, and strict health and security measures also contribute to the resident’s sense of peace and well being.

All-in-One Advantage

Mixed-use developments are a forward-looking way of creating a healthy and thriving community. Access to key areas and services makes life more convenient, while many work and play opportunities dial up the residents’ enjoyment and general well-being.

If you are looking for a good investment opportunity that seamlessly blends urban conveniences with promoting a healthy lifestyle, look into mixed-use communities. You will see that finding your home in any of its residential buildings will surely open doors to a good life.


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