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Fashion designer hotels for a stylish stay – Travel & Hospitality

Design masterminds from the fashion world have always extended their creativity and influence way beyond the runway and retail spaces, to infuse their iconic style into everything from everyday items like water bottles, all the way to fully fledged furniture collections.

Amongst the most interesting projects for some of the top fashion designers are collaborations on hotel properties that represent their unique touch and taste across rooms, lobbies, facilities and more. The hospitality industry has teamed up with renowned fashion gurus on some of the most extravagant hotel projects around the world, offering en vogue travellers the chance to feel entirely immersed in an aura of luxurious design during their stay.

Palazzo Versace, Dubai

The latest fashion designer hotel to open its doors is the Palazzo Versace in Dubai, as a second property following the Palazzo Versace on Australia’s Gold Coast. Designed by Donatello Versace in honour of her late brother Gianni, the Dubai hotel exudes the flamboyant flair of the iconic Italian brand. Pompously decorated rooms, cushions and furniture embroidered with majestic creatures and walls covered in Versace wallpaper all make for an interior design that embodies the creative character of the Italian house.


Armani Hotel, Dubai

With properties in Milan and Dubai, Georgio Armani has successfully stepped onto the hospitality scene. With its location in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa hotel certainly offers the more spectacular stay amongst the two hotels under Armani’s umbrella. Elegance, minimalism and simplicity in design are the main attributes the hotel has in common with its fashion design heritage. Boasting eight restaurants and a spa, alongside some of the most stunning views over Downtown Dubai, the Armani Hotel certainly presents travellers with a classically chic option.


Bulgari Hotel, London

Located within close vicinity of London’s Hyde Park, the Bulgari Hotel is a luxury hotel through and through. From exceptionally spacious rooms to furnishings created by famous architect and designer Antonio Citterio, the property presents guests with elegant and polished interiors. The award-winning underground spa at the hotel serves as another highlight for guests staying at the hotel in the heart of Knightsbridge.

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