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Fed up Indian IT professionals want to be able to leave their jobs sooner

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India’s major IT firms have long required their employees to give a three-month, “non-negotiable” notice before leaving the company, but they could be soon forced to change that. 

Fed-up IT professionals from across India have reached out to the government, complaining that it is “unrealistic” for anyone to plan that far ahead.  

Over 28,000 professionals have signed a petition, addressed to the ministry of labor, to take immediate action on the matter.

“It is unrealistic for anyone to plan that far ahead for their future actions and resign in advance not knowing state of the issue in next three months,” reads the petition. 

Part of the problem is that many companies are unwilling to wait for three months to have a person join them, many cited in the report say. 

Some of India’s top IT firms including Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, HCL, Accenture and IBM impose the three-month notice period policy on their employees. 

In contrast, several IT companies in the United States expect a two-week notice from their employees.

The protest comes at a time when the country’s IT sector is prepping for a shake up. About half of the workforce in the IT services firms will become “irrelevant” in the next three years, advisory firm McKinsey & Company said last month. 

Many of these employees are expecting to receive a single-digit wage increase in the next financial year. About 4 million Indians work in the IT sector, according to several estimations.

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