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FNC to discuss RAK sports complex and Emirati housing problems

ABU DHABI // A delay in the construction of a much-anticipated sports complex and ways to resolve long-running problems between Emirati homeowners and builders will be discussed by the Federal National Council this week.

During the FNC sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, Ahmed Al Nuaimi from Ras Al Khaimah will ask about the status of a sports complex to be built in the emirate.

“The plans were announced four years ago, however, there has been nothing done until now. I want to know the progress on this project because the emirate lacks this kind of facility,” he said.

“The emirate needs this complex to have a place for our youth to spend their time and engage in a healthy activities, instead of wasting their time in other unproductive activities and keep them from roaming the streets.”

FNC member Salem Al Shehhi will ask Dr Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development, about how best to resolve disputes between Emirati families and contractors hired to build homes as part of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme. “We have heard from a lot from homeowners about problems with contractors,” said Mr Al Shehhi.

“Sometimes the contractor delays the construction for various reasons and the homeowner files a complaint with the housing programme and legal action sometimes. This results in loss of time and money for the homeowner while they resolve the dispute.

“We want the housing programme to have more power to …resolve the disputes between the two parties and to be able to ease the burden on the homeowner.”

The Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme allocates land and loans to Emiratis to build family homes.

This month, housing support valued at Dh590 million was awarded to 915 Emiratis in Umm Al Quwain.

This included 537 loans and 122 residential grants for buildings, housing completion, housing maintenance and purchases, public housing, expansion projects and additional housing.

In tomorrow’s session, FNC members will deliberate on a bill on the import and use of veterinary products and the policies of the National Emergency Management and Crisis Management Authority.

The authority regulates staff training and the coordination of the federal and local authorities in emergencies.

Federal and local agencies’ capabilities in handling emergencies and disasters will also be discussed.

On Wednesday, the FNC will discuss the Federal Transport Authority’s plans to raise awareness about traffic safety and ways to increase the use of public transport in accord with the UAE’s 2021 Vision.

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