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Foods to eats and avoid on a plane – Travel & Hospitality

Inflight meals have been a topic of discussion amongst travellers for as long as they are being served. Some passengers simply hate the taste and smell of onboard catering, others can’t seem to get enough of those little portions, packed for heating up in the air.

Obviously, there are huge qualitative differences when it comes to the cuisine onboard, depending on the airline and of course, the booking class. A First-Class meal is usually better than the ones offered in economy, and luxurious airlines such as Etihad or Qatar pride themselves on offering gourmet options for connoisseurs, whereas other airlines simply present their guests with, well let’s just say rather dull dining options.

Personal preferences aside, some simple scientific guidelines will make a huge difference as to whether you enjoy the meal and stay satisfied for the duration of our flight or not. With our bodies reacting in certain ways to the environment on a plane, the following tips will help you in choosing the right foods for inflight indulgence.

Avoid salty and bland food.

As around a third of the thousands of taste buds in our mouth are numbed by the cabin pressure and the dry air within the aircraft, food tends to taste bland, which is why you should avoid eating things like pasta and chicken. Not only do they have a minimal taste of their own if not seasoned thoroughly – and therefore zero taste at altitude – they also don’t quite reheat well.

To counteract the dehydration that will naturally occur on a plane, avoid consuming things that will deprive your body of even more water, such as carbonated drinks, salty snacks and meals prepared with soy sauce.

Also avoid eating foods that will produce gas in your digestive system, as the cabin pressure and reduced mobility in your seat will definitely add to already uncomfortable symptoms. Stay away from onions, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables.

So what is left? Loads actually. A firm favourite amongst frequent flyers for a reason are curries and other spicy foods, as they do not lose flavour when reheated and they maintain their aroma, even thousands of feet above sea level.

Fresh fruit and veggies are not only a great option for healthy eating on ground, they will ensure you get your five a day whilst travelling, without making you feel bloated during your journey. Paired with textured and crispy snacks such as crackers (avoid the salty ones), your taste buds won’t feel like they’ve missed out on anything. Carnivores can order some lean meat – lamb and beef are great options as they have a more defined flavour than chicken – or some seafood if preferred.

Add to that loads of water and green tea or other non-carbonated drinks and your dietary inflight plan is perfect. And feel free to request that glass of tomato juice, not only for the sake of serving the cliché, but also because it actually tastes better at altitude, with more acidity than when you drink it on the ground.

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