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For US expats, Clinton is the choice and Trump is a danger

This is the last in a daily series that explores how expats from around the world feel ahead of the US presidential election on November 8. We have spoken to people from Latin America, South Asia, Africa, Russia and East Asia and the MENA region.

ABU DHABI // American expatriates voiced their preference for Democrat Hillary Clinton over Republican Donald Trump as one of the most acrimonious US presidential election campaigns in living memory enters its final 24 hours.

Tom Mason, a 30-year-old interior designer, said he supported Mrs Clinton because he regarded Mr Trump as a danger to his country.

“The way he speaks [about] extremism will lead to more violence in a country where that’s already a problem,” he said. “I’m a liberal, my preference was Bernie Sanders, but Hillary has a lot of bad press around her and she doesn’t deal with the press very well.”

He believed that Mrs Clinton would continue president Barack Obama’s legacy and liberal policies.

“I don’t believe Trump ever wanted to be president. I think it was all publicity stunt that got out of hand and I don’t think he understands the full scope of the job,” Mr Mason said.

He said he believed Mr Trump did not have the temperament for leadership.

“Governing is all about compromise, and someone like Trump doesn’t compromise,” Mr Mason said. “That doesn’t even go into the racist, sexist and disgustingness spat out by him.

“I think it goes without saying that it’s something that the world can do without him and he makes me feel ashamed for Americans everywhere.”

Rami Brown, 28, has voted for Mrs Clinton because he cannot imagine himself voting for Mr Trump.

“This is an election based on feelings. Policies have been put aside, and more Americans are going to vote with their gut than ever before,” he said.

For an American living abroad, neither candidate had addressed policies that were relevant to him.

“Clinton has briefly mentioned that she would work with the Democrats Abroad towards the goal of simplifying foreign tax filings and addressing certain problems with Fatca (the US foreign account tax compliance act) that has created restrictions on US citizens foreign bank accounts,” Mr Brown said.

Frank B, 45, a lawyer based in Dubai, said: “Clinton is the most qualified but more importantly, Trump is grossly unqualified.

“His policies – to the extent that he’s ever enunciated any of them – are incoherent, reckless and illogical. They are a threat to the economic, political and security standing of the US in respect of its relations with the rest of the world, and his personal character and demeanour are undignified and not suitable for the office which he seeks.”

Although usually a Republican voter, Mr B called Mr Trump an “embarrassment” to the Republican party and America.

He compared Mr Trump to media mogul and four-time prime minister Italian Silvio Berlusconi, Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s outspoken head of state since 1987, and Kim Jong-un – the North Korean whose four-and-a-half years of leadership are viewed dimly by the US.

“They are laughing stocks both within their countries and in the world and that’s the position that he (Mr Trump) would hold,” Mr B said.

“With respect to race, Trump will make people think that the deplorable things he says instinctively will be acceptable in common society.”

Ayah Rashid, 19, a Muslim-American student NYU Abu Dhabi, believed Mrs Clinton would do more for minorities in the US.

“When you’re talking about race and gender, it’s a huge part of the campaign, both parties are trying to get minorities on their side, but Trump’s campaign has been riddled with so many racist and sexist tones that I don’t think it helps people’s confidence in him,” she said.

“The president is supposed to be for the people, they are supposed to have the people’s best interest in mind, but when you have minorities that are insulted there becomes an alienation that could happen if Trump becomes president,” she said. “We want a president who can champion minorities and women.”


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