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From H-1B Visas to Donald Trump: India Real Time’s Must-Reads That Defined 2016

This year could go down as the one that turned everything on its head, India’s popular central bank governor Raghuram Rajan was ejected from his post, Prime Minister Narendra Modi voided 86% of the country’s currency overnight and Donald Trump became U.S. president elect.

India Real Time’s most-read stories show what readers were looking at as they tried to make sense of it all.

Any insight into Donald Trump’s views on India, especially before the election, were particularly popular. Headlines like “What Donald Trump Thinks About Hindus,” “What Trump Said About Growth in India in the U.S. Presidential Debate,” and “What Will Happen to H-1B Skilled Worker Visas Under Trump” drew many readers.

The rising tensions with Pakistan also piqued interest with readers eager to read what journalists on both side of the border were saying about India’s announcement it had hit terrorist camps in Pakistan-controlled territory with “surgical strikes.”

Last month, when Mr. Modi announced all 1,000- and 500-rupee bills would be replaced, readers wanted to know what the new notes would look like and how they could exchange their notes if they were abroad.

They also clicked to see a chart showing that Hindus were the best-educated religious group in the U.S. and kept up with India’s faltering performance at the Rio Olympics.

Below are the 20 best read stories on India Real Time in 2016.

What Will Happen to H-1B Skilled Worker Visas Under Trump?

India Has a Few Medal Hopes as Rio Olympic Games Near End

How Can Indians Living Abroad Exchange Their Old Rupee Notes?

What Trump Thinks About Hindus

What Indian and Pakistani Newspapers Said About “Surgical Strikes”

What India’s New 500 and 2,000-Rupee Notes Will Look Like

What Trump Said About Growth in India at the U.S. Presidential Debate

Venezuela Follows India’s Example and Voids Half Its Cash

Chart: Hindus Are the Best-Educated Religious Group in the U.S.

Indian Designer Anita Dongre’s Website Crashed After Kate Middleton Wore Dress

What Donald Trump Said About Indian Call Center Workers

Modi’s First Two Years: Economic Report Card

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Address to U.S. Congress

Raghuram Rajan’s Frank Careers Advice for Graduating Students

What Donald Trump Thinks About India

Indian Badminton Player P.V. Sindhu Makes History in Rio Olympics

Watch Donald Trump’s Entertaining Attempt to Campaign in Hindi

How Can Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders Apply to Work in the U.S.? 

Barter Economy Is Reborn in Villages as India Cancels Cash

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