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How ancient remedies are changing modern medicine

Most people prefer to use ancient remedies along with modern medicine to speed up their recovery. Ancient remedies are simple, and they include a change in diet, herbs, massages, and acupuncture. Modern medicine has embraced some forms of ancient remedies such as acupuncture and massage therapies. Although they have acknowledged some of the techniques, they point out that some such as using animal parts like rhinoceros horns is dubious and will cause their extinction.

Many people in the UAE have realized the benefits of using traditional remedies. The demand for Chinese Traditional Medicine is on the rise because of its effectiveness. The treatment focuses on the organs and the body’s ability to heal itself. The practitioners ask several questions before administering treatment. For instance, what you eat, how often you exercise, how you deal with stress and other lifestyle questions. Although ancient remedies are used in many health centers today, it does not mean that they should replace modern medicine.

Understanding Ancient Remedies

Ancient remedies include herbs and therapeutic techniques such as acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion, massages, and cupping. Herbs are taken in powder form, pills, and teas, sprinkled in food or used as an ointment. Some modern medicines are derived from plants, for instance, aspirin. Some common herbs include garlic, sage, thyme, rosemary, nutmeg, and black pepper.

Integrating Ancient Remedies with Modern Medicine

Doctors aim to relieve pain and offer the best treatment to their patients; however, when it comes to chronic conditions, it gets complicated and there is no cure for most illnesses. Most times, doctors prescribe different medication when one fails to work. They try to manage the symptoms to help the patient live a healthy life.

On the other hand, ancient remedies are more effective because the practitioner examines the symptoms as well as the overall health of the patient to determine the cause. This includes the emotional and physiological makeup of the individual to establish the root of the problem and how it manifests. Every patient gets a unique treatment depending on the symptoms.

Below are some of the diseases that ancient remedies can treat:


This is a chronic disease that plagues many people around the world because they have dietary restrictions and have to take medication. Diabetes is among the leading cause of death worldwide. Ancient remedies and modern medicine are similar in that they aim to enlighten the patients about the illness and how to deal with the complications.

The modern treatment uses medicines that might have adverse side effects, and although they might seem effective at controlling the condition, they become ineffective over time. Some patients also develop drug resistance, which means that doctors have to include other therapies and treatment. Ancient remedies such as herbs and therapeutic techniques become useful in this situation.


Ancient remedies seek to treat infertility by using herbs, acupuncture, or both. These remedies are often incorporated in modern medicine to treat different causes of infertility in both men and women. Ancient remedy specialists treat the deeper cause of the problem rather than the symptoms. The herbal treatment takes 6 months or less for you to see the results. Acupuncture is sometimes used alongside herbs or modern medicine. Couples going through In-vitro Fertilizations can benefit from acupuncture because it aids in blood flow to the reproductive system.


Cancer patients get weak because of the treatment, which includes chemotherapy, radiation, and strong medication. This is why some doctors encourage their patients to try ancient remedies that can help ease the pain and aid in recovery.

Modern medicine’s objective is to eliminate cancerous tumors, while ancient remedies aim to eradicate the symptoms as well as the cause. They also reduce the side effects, strengthen the body after the treatment, and minimize the growth of abnormal cells.


Suffering an asthma attack, especially when you don’t have your inhaler, can be a life-threatening situation. Wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, and chest tightness are some of the symptoms of this condition. There are several causes of asthma, including allergens, stress, and infections.

Ancient remedies such as herbs and therapeutic techniques such as acupuncture in Dubai and moxibustion are used to aid the immune system. Practitioners identify different types of asthma and administer treatment effectively. Each gets a different treatment depending on the cause and symptoms. Although ancient remedies cannot cure asthma, they help to strengthen the body and to reduce the attacks. Traditional remedies and modern medicine work together in the sense that the latter aims to minimize the symptoms while the former build the resistance.

Although ancient remedies have been around for an extended period, many people are not aware of their effectiveness, especially when used together with modern medicine. Chronic conditions such as cancer are incurable, but they can be managed better with the use of ancient and modern treatment. If you suffer from any condition, consult your doctor before trying to self-medicate.

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