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"I only stole Dh15,000, not Dh25,000," maid tells Dubai court

DUBAI// A maid confessed to stealing cash from her sponsor, but told judges that she took Dh10,000 less than what her employer claimed.

The 28-year-old Filipina appeared at the Dubai Criminal Court charged with stealing Dh25,000.

“But I didn’t steal Dh25,000 like they said, I only took Dh15,000,” said the woman.

The court was told the maid had been stealing cash from her employer’s home since April 19 this year and was discovered on June 10.

She would take money from her sponsor’s wallet or his wife’s purse as well as any cash that was left around the house.

A friend of the maid would then wire the money back to the Philippines.

“I came to the country in January because I needed money for my ill father and I had no sources of making this much money. It was then I decided to start stealing,” said the woman.

The thefts were only discovered when her sponsor’s wife saw a text message from an exchange house on the maid’s phone.

“I waited for my husband to return then we questioned her and she confessed, so we called police,” said the mother of three.

A verdict is expected on November 28.

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